Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Attract a Strong Man Who Takes the LeadCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Attract a Strong Man Who Takes the Lead


By Rachel Sparks

The relationship advice from this week’s Single in Stilettos dating advice video will help you attract the kind of man who will take the lead. Relationship expert Suzanne Oshima interviews Bex Burton for the best dating advice to bring a strong man into your life. Watch the video above to learn more!

Relationship Advice to Help You Attract a Strong Man!

1. Be an authentic woman: Burton says if a woman is “true to herself, connected with her own heart, her intuition, and whatever her divine belief is,” then she’s authentic. It’s important to know who you are and stick with that. If your actions match your words and your behaviors match your beliefs, then you know who you are to the core. Strong men love women who are confident in themselves, and confidence starts with an intense personal knowledge. Suzanne adds, “Show up how you are in the beginning.” If you worry that your confidence intimidates men, then you might consider steering clear from men who don’t embrace that characteristic or who are not strong enough to handle this type of woman. This will keep you open for others who come into your life and appreciate what you have to offer.

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2. Be present: Knowing what you want and what you won’t settle for allows you to navigate relationships with clarity. Men appreciate a decisive woman; it avoids petty arguments. It also allows men who like to take charge to have the opportunity to do so because they know, thanks to you, what they need to do to make you happy. Burton says, “Identifying what you need is a journey and a skill to develop.” Knowing what you need from the beginning helps you weed out people who won’t make you happy.

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3. Be connected: Similar to knowing what you need and knowing who you are, you need to be aware and connected with your emotions. Not only does this create an emotionally stable environment, but being aware of negative emotions before they escalate will diffuse arguments with your partner before they begin. Don’t just focus on yourself, though. Women are naturally more attuned to emotions and when you focus on the ability to connect outwardly, you can intuitively recognize your partner’s emotional state. Burton says, “It helps men connect with their emotions, making you valuable in their lives [because] you help him feel so much more deeply.”

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