Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Best Types of Bronzers to Give You a Sunkissed GlowCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Best Types of Bronzers to Give You a Sunkissed Glow

By Jessica Gomez

Oh, bronzers, aren’t they great? There are different types, so some may be better for achieving that sunkissed glow better than others. Ideally, we want to use bronzers that are natural and cruelty free. Why? Because natural ingredient are better for your skin and because it’s a product that was not tested on an innocent animal. Who doesn’t want a fully good product? The are two types of bronzers that are best to use in order to look sunkissed and majestic.

Here is our beauty tip, use these following bronzers to achieve that beached goddess glow you’re aiming for (for all budget types):

Shimmer Bronzer: This can help you achieve a radiant, natural glowing skin look because these types of bronzers are meant to highlight the skin. BH Cosmetics has a cruelty free shimmer bronzer palette. It comes in four shimmery shades, which is good for a range of skin tones. This product is also good for sensitive skin types due to the natural ingredients. It just works well to highlight the features you want while also contouring fiercely. Make sure to be careful though, because it’s easy to go overboard. Also, ideally you would not want to put this bronzer on certain imperfections like blemishes because the light-reflecting particles in the bronzer will bring them out.

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Sheer Bronzer: It’s subtle. This type of bronzers can give you an all-over glow. They are also easier to use in the sense that you won’t go overboard. You are able to achieve an overall natural look without worrying about having extra color or it looking too shimmery. Dr. Hauschka is a certified organic and ethical brand. Their bronzing powder compact is a good one for those who have loose hand with makeup or want to achieve an overall sunkissed look versus specific parts of the face. Urban Decay Beached Bronzer is also a very nice one to use for the glowing goddess vibe.

Which type do you want to use this summer? Comment below!