Cupid's Pulse Article: Jack Osbourne on Celebrity Divorce from Wife Lisa: ‘It Is What It Is’Cupid's Pulse Article: Jack Osbourne on Celebrity Divorce from Wife Lisa: ‘It Is What It Is’

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity news, Jack Osbourne has opened up about his celebrity divorce from wife of six years, Lisa Osbourne. The youngest Osbourne child told that “Things are going good. We’re trucking along and it is what it is.” Osbourne announced that he and his wife were splitting back in May in an Instagram post. In the post, he said him and his wife “tried everything we could for many years to make this work” and that they were “disappointed but feel confident that we will continue to grow our relationship as co-parents and best friends.”

This celebrity divorce comes after six years of marriage. What are some tell-tale signs that your relationship may not be able to withstand the test of time?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everybody wants to know if their relationship is going to last the long run. Cupid has some signs that signal a relationship won’t be long lasting:

1. Poor communication: If you’re fighting with your partner all the time and can’t seem to communicate effectively, then your relationship might not be durable through the years. Sure, every couple has the occasional fight, but constant bickering is not okay. You should be able to communicate your problems maturely and be able to talk through your issues with your beau.

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2. Your lifestyles don’t match: Sometimes, no matter how hard two people try in a relationship, logistically it just can’t work. If you and your partner never have time to see each other because of conflicting schedules, keeping a relationship up for many years might not be possible. Even if you two may love each other, sometimes your lifestyles aren’t the best fit together.

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3. Lack of trust: A good relationship is built on trust. If you’re constantly doubting your partner’s actions and think they might often lie to you, it’s clear the relationship won’t have much longevity. You shouldn’t have to worry about who your love is texting or where they’ve been the night before.

Do you know any more signs that signal your relationship may not withstand the test of time? Comment below!