Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William and Kate Middleton: Australian Honeymoon?Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William and Kate Middleton: Australian Honeymoon?

Now that the world has most of the details on the royal wedding ceremony, the next question on everyone’s mind seems to be where the Prince and his soon-to-be wife plan on spending their honeymoon.  The fact that the pair can take their pick of pretty much anywhere in the world, makes the answer to this question that much more interesting. According to People, Prince William has hinted toward an Australian honeymoon while visiting the areas of the continent that were damaged from last month’s Cyclone Yasi, saying, “I love scuba diving.  I have always wanted to dive the [Great] Barrier Reef, I will have to come back — maybe we’ll have a honeymoon in Cairns [Australia]?”

Where are the best places to go for a honeymoon?Cupid’s Advice:

Although most of us don’t have the luxury of taking our pick of anywhere in the world for our honeymoon, there are a few classic choices:

1. Hawaii: If you’re leaning more toward a tropical destination, Hawaii has been a classic honeymooner spot for years.  Between the beach, the sun and the luaus, you and your new spouse will have no problem getting a romantic getaway.

2. Italy: Some couples choose to go the more cultural route.  If this sounds like you and your beau, a honeymoon to Italy is sure to bring great meals, fine art and traditional romance.

3. Florida: If you’re budget is a little tight after the wedding, Florida is a fantastic pick for newlyweds.  With its festive atmosphere, beautiful beaches and famous amusement parks, Florida has something to offer all new couples.