Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: The Negroni & Anthony BourdainCupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: The Negroni & Anthony Bourdain

By Yolanda Shoshana

When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for this column, I was walking through NYC and came upon Les Halles. Unless you have been away from the news recently, you may know that Anthony Bourdain passed away. Les Halles was a French bistro where he got his start as an executive chef. Let’s just say many romantic nights were had at the restaurant. Though both locations of the bistro are now closed, people have been leaving tributes to him pasted on the windows. Consider this my cheers to the icon.

The culinary world is still reeling over the death of Bourdain; in fact, it may never be the same. It will be hard to find anyone who can take his place, though someone will try to fill the void. He undoubtedly changed the way that people eat and drink. Someone said, “He was the Mr. Rogers of the food world.” I would have never compared the two, but he did have an edgy Mr. Rogers charm about him. More importantly, both men had a way of making people stop, listen and think in a way that impacted lives. People around the world are coming forward with stories of how Bourdain helped them learn to love food. Since there’s such a deep connection between love and food, maybe Bourdain should have added “love doctor” to his resume.

Keep reading for details from our relationship expert Yolanda Shoshana on the late Anthony Bourdain’s favorite cocktail!

While most people think of food when they think of Bourdain, he was also a man who loved a good libation. He was often caught with a glass of wine in his hand, but there was a particular cocktail that he was a big fan of as well: The Negroni. Named after Italian Count Camillo Negroni in 1919, the classic aperitif is famous around the world. Bourdain called it the perfect drink, saying, “It’s [made from] three liquors that I’m not particularly interested in, but put them together with a slice of orange… it works. That first sip is confusing and not particularly pleasant. But man, it grows on you.” I would have to agree. The first time I took a sip of a Negroni, I was intrigued. After about three sips, that intrigue turned to love. It’s been one of my favorite libations ever since.

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Bourdain shared a story with Maxim about how he made Negroni cocktails for his crew and ended up a bit tipsy. It’s the kind of drink meant to share with those near and dear. Get your squad together for a Negroni or two. We can all use a little bit more love and light. Plus, you can also use it as an aphrodisiac cocktail if you want to just kick it with your boo on date night. It’s the perfect libation to sip during intimate conversations.

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The best part about the Negroni is that it’s so simple to make. All you need are three ingredients and a slice of orange. If you don’t have the orange slice, don’t fret. After a few sips, it won’t even matter. Cheers to you, Bourdain and those you love.


1oz. Gin
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
Slice of orange

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