Cupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Are Happy Family with His KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Are Happy Family with His Kids

In honor of their on-again romance, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez took A-Rod’s two children to Busch Gardens amusement park in Tampa, Florida. According to, the actress looked incredibly motherly holding hands with the baseball star’s two daughters Natasha, 6, and Ella, 2, from his previous marriage to Cynthia Rodriguez. It looks like this couple may have hit a home run in the kid department after they rekindled their romance in November.  Cameron Diaz was also seen bonding with the girls late last year on a family trip to Mexico.

How can you bond with your new partner’s kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

Bonding with a new partner’s children can be one of the most magical and most difficult parts of a new romance.  Here are some tips:

1.  Show respect: Though you may be very excited about getting to know your new partner’s children, it’s always important to respect their boundaries and their previous relationships with both of their parents.  The last thing you want to do is trash your partner’s ex in front of the children or get in the way when you partner wants to spend quality time alone with his or her children.

2.  Come bearing gifts: It’s never a good idea to try to buy someone’s love.  However, kids love getting gifts.  If makes them feel important that you thought of them.  Also, getting them a little something you knew they have been wanting or would like shows that you are making an effort to get to know them.

3.  Go on a date with the kids: Cameron Diaz and A-Rod had the right idea when they took the kids an amusement park.  Dating someone with children is a completely different playing field, so expect a mix of sophisticated dinners and dates with the kids at Chuck E Cheese.