Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Kendra Wilkinson Asks Fans for Dating Advice After Split From Hank BaskettCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Kendra Wilkinson Asks Fans for Dating Advice After Split From Hank Baskett

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity news, Kendra Wilkinson is asking her fans for dating and sex advice after her split from Hank Baskett. According to, Wilkinson officially filed for celebrity divorce from her husband of eight years in April. Monday on Twitter, Wilkinson asked her followers, “What’s your opinion… do i start dating/sex now or give myself more time? My heart is broken, but I have needs. Lmaoooo. #notgettingyounger #33hereicome.” Wilkinson and Baskett have two kids, 8-year-old Hank Baskett IV and 3-year-old Alijah Baskett.

In celebrity news, Kendra Wilkinson is appealing to her fans for advice one month after filing for divorce from Hank Baskett. What are some ways to know you’re ready to move on after a split.

Cupid’s Advice:

Deciding when to move on after a split is tough, because you want to make sure your heart is ready. Cupid has some tips:

1. You’ve stopped internet stalking your ex: It’s okay to admit it, we all do it. After a tough break-up, it’s natural to be checking up on your former lover on social media. A surefire way of knowing if you’re over your ex is if you lose the urge to see your old flame’s latest picture on Instagram or their most recent tweet. If you’ve moved on, you shouldn’t care about what your ex is up to.

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2. You’re okay on your own: After a break-up, you can often feel pretty lonely and isolated without having your significant other around all the time. Before hopping into another relationship, it’s important that you’re able to be independent and are confident in yourself. This way, you can make sure your next relationship is a genuine one and not a rebound from your last!

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3. The prospect of dating excites you: Being single can definitely be a freeing thing, but if you can’t help but start picturing yourself coupled up with potential suitors, then you’re probably ready to try dating again! You don’t need to rush into anything, but follow your instincts. If you feel the time is right, go for it!

What are some signs you think show you’re ready to move on? Comment below!