Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Scrunchies And How To Rock ThemCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Scrunchies And How To Rock Them

By Jessica Gomez

Remember scrunchies? Well, they’ve made a comeback in the fashion world! There are many hairstyles within which to incorporate them. The classics are coming back. A scrunchy is not only an accessory that holds your hair, but it also adds something because of its size and the colors and prints they come in — even the material (ex: velvet) makes a statement! Also, scrunchies glide off your hair easier than most hair ties, so no hair yanking!

Ready to use scrunchies again to keep up with this fashion trend? Here are a few hairstyles in which to rock these babies:

Experiment to see what you like. Use solid colors, prints, metallics, velvet, etc. There are so many different kinds of scrunchies. Whether it’s color, design, or material — they give you different looks even when wearing the same hairstyle. So contemplate wht loo you’re going for during date night — all of the follow hairstyles are date night looks. So play around with them when rocking different hairstyles and see how they can affect your fashion sense:

1. Bubble ponytail: This hairstyle is super cute. It can be either casual or can even be rocked for a night out. You can make it high or low. Low will look more low-maintenance, while higher will give you that sexy edge. For this hairstyle, preferably use scrunchies on the smaller side of the scale.

2. Half-up, half-down: This is a classic hairstyle that gives you that “volume” on days where you don’t want flat hair. It’s a fun causal hairstyle when partnered with a scrunchy. Depending on how modern or vintage you want to look will depend on the size and print. Smaller scrunchies and solid colors will give you that modern look. Flashy or metallic scrunchies and ones with print will give you that old-school look.

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3. Braid ponytail: We love braids! Now, a braid ponytail can be either high, mid, or low. You can use a scrunchy at the top to hold the base of where the braid begins or at the bottom to hold the braid itself. You can do a loose braid or a tight one as well, your choice. This is definitely a casual hairstyle and great for spring and summer. Of course, it can also be rocked in the fall and winter, but they seem to be more common when it’s warm out.

4. Messy bun: Who doesn’t like the messy bun hairstyle? Of course, you want it to look effortlessly messy but cute — however, there is some effort in it, but not much. Using a scrunchy, you can do a high or low messy bun. A low messy bun will give you more of a low maintenance look, while a high one will be a picker upper, literally and figuratively!

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5. High or low ponytail: Ponytails are everywhere. They are a timeless hairstyle. You can go low, mid, or high. Again, a low ponytail will give you the carefree, low maintenance vibe. While wearing a high ponytail can give you that polished and poised look.

Which hairstyle is your fav? Comment below!