Cupid's Pulse Article: Bryan Adams Is Expecting at Age 51Cupid's Pulse Article: Bryan Adams Is Expecting at Age 51

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is becoming a dad for the first time … at age 51.  Adams, who is known for hits like “I Do It For You” and “Summer of ’69” is expecting a baby with his personal assistant, Alicia Grimaldi. According to E! Online, Adams and Grimaldi have been living together as a couple for awhile, unbeknownst to their families and friends.  Grimaldi helped form the Bryan Adams Foundation, a charitable organization started in 2006 to help victims of the Asian tsunami.  Adams wrote on his personal website, “She helped me start my foundation years ago, and it looks like she’ll be running the family now!”

How old is too old to have children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people welcome children into their lives at a young age, while others wait until later in life.  Cupid has some ideas on when is the best time to have kids:

1. You’re active: It doesn’t really matter what age you have children, as long as you’re a good parent. It might help, though, to be at an active age so you can keep up with your kids.

2. You’re healthy: If you’re a woman, depending on your age, the later you have a child, the more likely there will be complications at birth. Make sure you are healthy enough to carry a child in the first place.

3. Different strokes: The bottom line is, there’s no age limit when it comes to having children. Some prefer to have them younger while others prefer to wait. Have children whenever you feel ready.