Cupid's Pulse Article: Teens Break Into Justin Bieber’s Hotel RoomCupid's Pulse Article: Teens Break Into Justin Bieber’s Hotel Room

Looks like Bieber Fever has struck again!  According to, two teenage Bieber fans found an incredibly clever way to sneak into the pop star’s hotel room at the Hard Days and Night Hotel in Liverpool. According to a source, the two die hard fans apparently snuck in through a side entrance, stole housekeeping outfits and pretended to be part of the staff to get inside the Bieber’s room. Once inside, they started to pretend to polish a few things before taking photos of the singer’s belongings. Eventually, their girly giggles gave them away and the two were escorted off the premises.  Needless to say, Justin Bieber was less than pleased and checked out of the hotel immediately afterwards.

What should you do about an obsessive crush?

Cupid’s Advice:

We’ve all had that crush that we can’t stop thinking about.  But, for some, that crush can quickly turn from harmless to destructive.  Cupid has some tips on what to do when your crushing becomes an obsession”

1. Control your thoughts: When you catch yourself thinking about your crush, actively divert your attention to something else.  Call a friend or go to a movie … anything to get your mind off of it.

2. Find a new interest: Many times, we become infatuated with one thing or person because of the lack of excitement in other aspects of our lives.  Try to find a big project or something that will take up a lot of your time and make you happy, so that you are not relying on this one person for your source of happiness.

3. Find out if they are your type: Most of the time, the reason we become so obsessed with a person is due to the mystery factor and the fact that they are unattainable.  Try to get to know him or her, and go from there.