Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice Video: Signs He’s Settling for YouCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice Video: Signs He’s Settling for You

By Rachel Sparks

In this week’s dating advice videoSingle in Stilettos founder and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima talks to relationship author Tinzley Bradford about how to tell if a man is settling for you. Here, Bradford shares three signs that you’re with the wrong man. Don’t miss their expert relationship advice in the video above!

Relationship Author Reveals the Signs for When a Man Settles for You in This Dating Advice Video

1. He’s not doing the things he loves: We girls like a girls’ night out, right? So do our men! “If your man finds himself not doing the things he used to love doing with the people that matter to him, like his best friends, then he’s settled,” the relationship author shares. Often, it’s a sign that he’s giving things up to make you feel secure. “If a man loves you, he won’t cheat on you,” she adds. Don’t be nervous about a guys’ night out, and show him you love him back with your trust.

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2. It’s convenient for him: “Is he choosing you because of the stuff you can do for him?” Bradford asks in this dating advice video. If you’re stable and he’s not, then it’s convenient for him, and it’s a sign he’s settling. If you have a car, a house, or money and these are things he needs, he’ll settle for the convenience. Watch out! He’ll move on when he finally gets the resources himself or finds someone with more than you have.

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3. He likes a certain kind of woman: If he says something like, “I don’t usually date women with X, but I like that you have Y,” be careful! A man who “compliments you and criticizes you in the same sentence” is settling for the things he likes about you — but that doesn’t mean you are the total package for him. He may be hoping that you change for him, or he may be settling for you until someone better comes along. This can be emotionally abusive. Don’t change for someone, especially someone who is settling for you!

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