Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 5 Signs You Want Your Ex BackCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 5 Signs You Want Your Ex Back

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder or is it just loneliness talking? After breaking up with someone, especially someone you’ve had a long, meaningful relationship with, you may start questioning if it was the right thing to do. While breaking up because they cheated on you or abused you is never wrong, if there wasn’t that type of strife, then you may question why you parted.

Here are five signs that you regret the breakup and want your ex back.

1. Keep Tabs on Social Media

One sign that someone wants their ex back is that they’re keeping up with their life via social media. If you find yourself stalking his Facebook or Instagram to see who he is dating or where he is going on vacation, then it is obvious that you miss him. Instead of stalking him online, build up the courage to leave a nice direct message or text him. If he is interested in hearing from you, he will text or message you back. If you don’t receive any return messages, that should be a loud and clear sign that your feelings are one-sided.

2. You Regret Your Decision to Break Up

After breaking up with someone you’ve been in a long-term relationship with, you may immediately begin to regret it. Just because a relationship has become stale, doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Successful relationships require hard work from both partners. Consider going to couples therapy to learn how to better communicate with each other, especially when things do seem stale or when you’re in a rut. Good communication is a key component of a lasting relationship.

3. You Talk About Your Ex A Lot

Your friends will probably be the first to mention that you’re always talking about your ex. They may be tired of hearing about your exploits with him or how much you miss him. You may not even notice that he seems to come up every time you hang out with your best friends, but they will.

4. You Keep In Touch With His Family

If you and your ex had a serious relationship, then you may have gotten to know his family very well. If you keep in touch with them, it may be a sign you miss and want him back. You don’t necessarily need to part with the family after a break-up, but it is unusual to frequently reach out to them. If you regret the break-up, stop talking to his family and talk to him. Find out if he is interested in seeing you again by using these tips to get your ex back permanently.

5. You’ve Forgiven Him for His Wrongdoings

If he wronged you in some way, then you will need to forgive him before you can consider getting back together with your ex. Resentment will eat away at you and the relationship if you haven’t been able to forgive him for what happened. If you have forgiven him, don’t use what happened to hurt him, but move on and rebuild the trust between you to create a better relationship.

If you recognize some of these signs within yourself, then start exploring opportunities to reconnect with your ex and build a stronger relationship with him or her.