Cupid's Pulse Article: Not Feeling Up for Beaches? 5 Other Great Things to Do in RioCupid's Pulse Article: Not Feeling Up for Beaches? 5 Other Great Things to Do in Rio

Millions of tourists come to Rio de Janeiro every year, and the majority of them seek the glorious sandy beaches of this city. However, what’s to be done when the weather turns foul or you aren’t in the mood for going to the beach? Luckily, as this city is a place of wonders, you’ll find many great things to do in Rio that will fit anyone’s taste.

5 Great Things to Do in Rio That Aren’t Visiting Beaches

1. Visiting Theatro Municipal: Theatro Municipal is the grand theater of Rio de Janeiro. It’s a building of spectacular beauty modeled after the Palais Garnier in Paris. This building is one of the must-see places in Rio, and not only from outside. The insides are as spectacular and guides will tell you dozens of fascinating stories that took place inside these gilded halls. Depending on how much time you have, you can go on a short guided tour during the day or a fantastic theater, ballet, or opera performance at night.

2. Strolling through the Sitio Burle Marx: Sitio Burle Marx is the residence of Roberto Burle Marx, one of the most notable of Brasilia’s sons. This landscape architect is a legend in his field, which you’ll be able to see for yourself when exploring his estate. Despite the rather small size, this is one of the most beautiful gardens you’ll find in the whole of Rio. Unlike his colleagues, Burle Marx wasn’t captivated with the idea of making European-style gardens. Instead he focused on bringing out the beauty of local Brazilian plants. He is renowned as one of the main forces behind the conservation effort in the Amazon forests.

3. Go on a guided walking tour: One of the best things you can do to enjoy your trip to the fullest is to go on a free walking tour in Rio. Exploring the city on your own won’t be as enjoyable or educational as doing it with a knowledgeable guide. These professionals will help you discover the most notable attractions and share some peculiarities of the local culture. They will also ensure you stay safe and don’t get lost while exploring Rio on foot.

4. Visit Ilha de Paqueta: Ilha de Paqueta is a small island located about an hour-long ferry ride from the city proper. Visiting it is one of the greatest things to do in Rio as this place will give you a chance to see a different face of Brazil. Unlike the hustle and bustle on the city, this island is quiet and has a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Using auto-transport on the island is forbidden, so the freshness of the air is nothing short of magical. Paqueta is a place where you can see some gorgeous colonial buildings, try fantastic food, and witness the beauty of nature. It’s not only Brazilian wildlife you’ll be able to find here. The island is also one of the few places on Earth where you can see baobabs.

5. Explore Parque de Catacomb: If you want to take a stroll through a rainforest and enjoy some spectacular views, Parque de Catacumba is the place to go. This park is neither the biggest nor the most interesting one in Rio. But it definitely stands out due to its natural simplicity. The wildlife part of it has seen little interference from men, and the view from the Mirante do Sacopa lookout is one of the most incredible sights you’ll see in Brazil. The park has plenty of activities to offer including rappelling, rock-climbing, a canopy walk and a zipline. Once you go down to the lake Lagoa, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple treats from the local small kiosks. Overall, this park is for the days when you want to enjoy nature without the abundance of other tourists.