Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Enjoy a Non-Traditional ChristmasCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Enjoy a Non-Traditional Christmas

By Jessica Gomez and Kristin Mattern

Do something different for your date this weekend and celebrate the Christmas time by breaking free from the moldy old traditions. We’ve got some nice dating advice! Don’t get us wrong, traditions can be great. However, sometimes, we want to do something out of the usual. Instead of mindlessly watching Christmas movies like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with your dearest for the eighty-billionth time, get a little creepy this Christmas and watch films like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Get inspired with your sweetie to decorate your place in a non-traditional way and invite your friends over for this eerie NOEL!

Here are some indoor date ideas that will allow you to embrace the Christmas spirit, but also allow you to do something different:

Time to break free from conventions this Christmas and have a ghoulish good time!

Get scary: Take a tip from Tim Burton and incorporate the undead into your uncommon Yuletide celebration. Get cooking with your cutie and make cut out cookies to decorate for Santa. To put a twist on this tradition, decorate the cookies to resemble zombies or skeleton figures. Feel free to use Christmas colors like red, green, and white! Santa will be sure to appreciate your patchwork teddy bears and possessed angels. The two of you should also make a graveyard cake and write the reindeer or elf names on the headstones. Build a ghoul-filled gingerbread house complete with ghosts, broken tiled roof and dripping gumdrops. Stir up some romance as you mix Halloween-themed goodies with Christmas ones. Now that’s out of the ordinary!

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Make your own Christmas stockings together: Keep the creative juices flowing as you and your honey make Christmas stockings to hang by the fire. Rather than use ordinary red stockings, buy black or gold stockings to decorate. Using fabric glue, glitter, bows, and any other decorations you can think of. Make each other special stockings complete with ripped ribbons, sparkling spider webs, and tattered toys. This keepsake is sure to bring back fun-loving memories for years to come.

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Throw a Christmas party with a spooky twist: Now that you’re brcarrimming with treats and devilishly delightful décor, invite your friends over for a freaky Christmas costume party. Tell everyone to use The Nightmare Before Christmas as their inspiration, or help your guests a bit by having blank masks ready for everyone to decorate when they get to your place. Play a mixture of Christmas carols, Halloween music, and some intense classical music (Beethoven, perhaps?) to get everyone in the mood. Pretend you and your love are Jack and Sally as you dance the night away celebrating Christmas in a new and innovative way!

Have you ever had a non-traditional Christmas? Tell us all about it below!