Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Bella Thorne & Patrick Schwarzenegger Dish on Relationship Deal BreakersCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Bella Thorne & Patrick Schwarzenegger Dish on Relationship Deal Breakers

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger shared their thoughts on what makes and breaks a relationship, and it’s good advice! Thorne and Schwarzenegger, who star in Midnight Sun which premiered on Friday, opened up about how their first crushes were the ones that taught them about their relationship wants and deal breakers. According to, Thorne said: “If you’re dating someone that’s not going to motivate you or encourage you, don’t date them. You should straight up just be out of the relationship right then and there. I dated somebody and sent him a song that I recorded and he was like, ‘This is honestly not very good at all. I’m sorry. I kind of hate this song. You sound awful.’ I was like, ‘That feels like s–t. That hurts on the inside, man.’ “It’s the worst thing when you’re dating somebody who is just like, ‘You’re sh-t.’” Schwarzenegger agrees. “I think that having a significant other is meant to make you a better person and bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in them, he explains. “It’s about surrounding yourself with people that root for you and expect more from you. I think those are the types of people you want to surround yourself with.” Yep, that is good love advice!

In celebrity news, ‘Midnight Sun’ actors Bella and Patrick talk things that make or break relationships. What are three things that can be considered a relationship deal breaker?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many things can break a relationship, here are three we think are on the top of the list:

1. Cheating: Infidelity is a big one. It is a big betrayal, and it is deceitful as well. It ruins trusts, too. However, some couples are able to work through an indiscretion like cheating — but then again, many others can’t. Cheating is a big deal breaker that many of us choose to not deal with.

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2. Lack of trust: Cheating is not the only thing that can break trust. And sometimes, trust is just not there from the beginning either. In any relationship, it is important to have trust, if there isn’t any you’re headed for an extremely rocky road. Do yourself a favor, and work on this big issue before it gets worse, because it can definitely be a deal breaker.

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3. No common ground: In a romantic relationship, you need to have things in common. No, you do not need to have everything or even most things in common, but you do need a base for the foundation you’re building. It’s okay to have differences, but after everything, you should have things in common to keep the relationship going. There isn’t a choice for “inconsolable differences” on divorce papers for nothing!

What are your deal breaker? Comment below!