Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Light Up Your LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Light Up Your Love

By Jessica Gomez and Kristin Mattern

The holiday season is one of the most beautiful times of the year — a time when people decorate their homes with twinkling lights, garlands, wreaths, menorahs, and even adorable penguins. Get into the spirit and spark some love this weekend by taking a romantic, moonlit drive with your sweetie as you cruise through your neighborhood checking out all of the Christmas and Hanukkah lights.

Rekindle the magic of the holidays with your babe and admire the beautiful displays with these dating tips for your upcoming date night:

Map your route: This is important, After all, not everyone decorates for the holidays. To get the most out of your night drive, scan the scene during the day before your date and find out what areas have really gone all out this year. This way, when you take your honey out for a spin, it will be through areas with the most decorations and stunning of displays. You can also conduct some brief research on Google. With a bit of planning, your date will be sure to delight!

If you live in or near New York City: Looking for something a little grander than your neighbor’s twinkle lights and angle statues? Go to a professional public display instead. The Big Apple is a must see during this time, especially Rockefeller Center. New Yorkers and tourists alike go to see the tree and skate at the ice rink. Enjoy the time with your sweetheart as you swirl around in the rink and skate your way into each other’s hearts beneath the huge Christmas tree.

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If you live in or near Los Angeles: L.A. offers its own unique displays that are not to be missed. Take a cruise down Rodeo Drive or through Griffith Park. See some truly spectacular lights while you take in the palm trees and vignettes in the store fronts. You’ll feel like an old school celebrity as you snuggle up to your significant other and drive with the windows down through decked-out Cali. Professional light shows are sure to take your cutie’s breath away as the two of you view illuminating lights accompanied by heartwarming Christmas carols and holiday music.

Decorate your place/s together: If you’re feeling inspired from viewing all of those pretty lights, get together with your partner and go for it. Have a blast trying to recreate some of your favorite pieces, or try to top them and come up with something even better! This will be nice bonding time. Go nuts and  have fun!

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Chill at home: Of course, not literally chill, but hangout and stay warm during this time! After enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday spirit and décor, make some more memories by warming up inside with hot cocoa and dancing with your darling to your favorite Christmas or Hanukkah tunes. End the night by relaxing together in front of the fire and roasting some chestnuts while you enjoy a classic Christmas movie.

What will you be doing as a Christmas date night? Share below!