Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Fitness Secrets: Ways to Work-In An Early Morning WorkoutCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Fitness Secrets: Ways to Work-In An Early Morning Workout

By Jessica Gomez

We all wish to be fit, but for many of us there is always something getting in the way somehow. Whether it be our lack of motivation or lack of time — where there is a will, there is a way! Getting an early morning workout in should be a goal we all put on our list. There are many benefits to working out in the morning. “But I just don’t have the time!” many of us say. Well, enough is enough– it’s time to learn the celebrity fitness secrets that can help you put your game face on in the morning. Follow this piece of workout advice: you don’t have to work out for two hours; you can work out for a short time each morning, but the key is to do a mix of workouts quickly.

It’s time to achieve that celebrity body, so here are a few celebrity fitness tips to ensure that you start working on yourself first thing in the morning by doing what Hollywood trainers advise:

To get a butt like Jennifer Lopez: J. Lo gives 500% when working out, according to her trainer David Kirsch. And that’s what we have to do — give it our absolute all. In addition, Lopez combines cardio with strength training to tone that booty and those thighs. A couple of workouts that are easy to include in your morning routine are squats and donkey kicks, which will tone your butt and can even build it overtime! Create a personalized mini morning routine with sets and circuits, adjusting it daily or every other day. Ideally, you can start with five sets of 10, totaling in 50 squats and 50 donkey kicks per leg.

To get arms like Cameron Diaz: Like Jennifer Lopez, Diaz is highly dedicated to a fit lifestyle and also does strength training with cardio. Moves to tone up your arms that you should add to your morning workout are plank push-ups, triceps dips, and bicep curls. Get on the treadmill also to help burn off fat. Create a personalized mini morning routine with sets and circuits for this as well, adjusting it daily or every other day to gradually increase.

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To get abs like Gwyneth PaltrowBuilding great abs is more about overall body training than just spot training. You can definitely include workouts like crunches, curl ups, and sit ups to your routine however. But do not exclude Paltrow’s workout tip from her trainer Tracy Anderson: Goop, an ab workout circuit. Let the sweating begin, and let’s expose those abs we have hidden!

To get legs and thighs like BeyonceObviously dancing plays a part in her great bod, so let’s dance to tone and shake the pounds off. In addition, you can add jumping lunges and pelvic lifts to your morning workout like Queen B does to tone those thighs. Doing a few sets of 10 in the morning, gradually increasing the set number or doing more than 10, will help.

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To get an overall toned physique like Shakira: It seems like the key to everything is cardio and strength training intervals, because guess what, yes — Shakira does it too, according to her trainer Anna Kaiser. Simple exercises you can add to your morning routine are jumping jacks, jogging/running, and lifting some weights (no, they won’t get you muscular like a body builder).

Which of these are you excited to include in your new morning workout routine? Share below!