Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: FriendsgivingCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Friendsgiving

By Carly Horowitz and Kristin Mattern

Have a Friendsgiving! This weekend, instead of having a one-on-one date with your sweetie, make it a group night and set-up a belated Thanksgiving dinner. Invite your partner’s and your closest buddies over for a fun and social date night. This date idea comes with all the trimmings for a good time.

Plan a Friendsgiving and have this date idea include your closest friends!

Make it a potluck and ask your friends to each bring a different dish. Not only does this cut down on the amount of cost and time for you spend, it allows you all to try a variety of dishes! Suggest that your friends bring their favorite Thanksgiving entrées and desserts. Sample your best friend’s mom’s famous pumpkin pie, washed down with your sweetheart’s secret recipe for Irish cream cordial. You can impress everybody with your signature candied yams, a recipe passed down from your grandmother.

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Be sure to pick a theme! Ever had a true Southern Thanksgiving? You and your babe can research some southern comfort foods and traditional Thanksgiving dishes to serve. Cook up some deliciously decadent dishes like sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top, cornbread stuffing, creamy collard greens and fried okras. Channel your inner famous chef inside you and make everyone’s tummy smile. Bring all the warmth of the south to your Friendsgiving, or pick a different theme like Thanksgiving in New York City or Los Angeles.

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Discover you and your honey’s inner connoisseur and have a wine or beer tasting with your friendsgiving dinner. Have each of your friends bring a wine or beer from a different region of the United States. See which region’s drink really compliments certain dishes, or have a vote to see what beverage beats out the rest as everyone’s favorite. At the end of the night, have a swap and let everyone take home his or her top choice from the tasting.

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To add more spice to your event, create placement cards that are also thankful cards. Relive childhood memories as you and your significant other trace each other’s hand on white construction paper to make hand-turkeys. Color the front to resemble a traditional turkey or to go along with your dinner’s theme. Write each guest’s name on the colored front for the place card and on the other side write a simple question: What are you thankful for? Use the cards to set the table and place a crayon or pen nearby. Have your friends fill in the cards when they first arrive, and then before dinner, go around the table and share what everyone is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Have you hosted a Friendsgiving or a holiday-themed dinner party before? Tell us all about it in the comments below!