Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Did Miranda Lambert and Anderson East Split?Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Did Miranda Lambert and Anderson East Split?

By Carly Horowitz

In latest celebrity gossip, rumors have been circulating about Miranda Lambert and Anderson East’s celebrity relationship. According to, East has not posted any photos on Instagram with Lambert since November, and he hasn’t liked any of her photos since December. Since these rumors have been present, the public has also noticed that East does not follow Lambert on Instagram. But, we are not sure if he ever did. It may be a large leap to judge a celebrity break-up by mere social media, but East performed on Bobby Bones’ syndicated radio show on Wednesday, February 28, and sang a song about heartbreak: “If You Keep Leaving Me.” We are not jumping to conclusions, but hopefully Anderson and East will comment on these celebrity break-up rumors soon!

Rumors are stirring about a potential celebrity break-up. What are some ways to decrease break-up speculation?

Cupid’s Advice:

People have a tendency to be nosy. They may begin to assume things in regards to your relationship if there are notable changes on social media, or in person. Whether these changes have any truth to them, it can be annoying to have people constantly discussing these rumors. Luckily, Cupid is here with some advice on how to decrease this talk:

1. Be honest: If you don’t mind people knowing the truth, then share your break-up right after it occurs. This will stop people from formulating their own conclusions as to if you and your partner have broken up and why. Let people know about your break-up, and give them an explanation to the extent at which you feel comfortable so that further rumors don’t begin to arise regarding the reasons why.

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2. Delete social media: After your break-up, you may want to take a break from social media anyway. Also, if you temporarily delete your social media during this time, it will decrease speculation that can form from people analyzing who you are following, who is liking your pictures, and such. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from it all.

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3. Be yourself: The number one reason why break-up speculation arises is because people notice changes in individual’s personalities. If you and your partner actually did not break-up but you are just going through some other personal changes, let your friends and family know so that they don’t assume otherwise. If you and your partner did break-up but you don’t want people to know yet, try your best to still act like yourself so speculation doesn’t occur.

What are some other ways to decrease break-up rumors? Comment below!