Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: A Day in the HayCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: A Day in the Hay

By Carly Horowitz and Kristin Mattern

October is finally here. Are you looking for some autumnal-themed fun for a date this weekend? You’re in the right place.

Check out these fun fall weekend date ideas!

You and your sweetheart could take advantage of the crisp fall air and fiery foliage by heading out for a ranch adventure. Spend the day growing closer to your honey as you learn how to care for horses by cleaning out their hooves, brushing their manes and feeding them treats like carrots and sugar cubes.

Then, take off on a romantic trail ride. It’s incredibly romantic to go horseback riding with the one you love. The setting is intimate, and you get to enjoy a serene moment while learning a new skill. And hey, even if you and your dearest aren’t great horsemen, you can still enjoy some playful teasing as you get the hang of riding together. Laughter brings people closer, and you’re sure to have some as you bounce on horseback down the trail.

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After you’re done spending time on horseback, keep the fun flowing by taking a hay ride. Enjoy the fall scenery while snuggled up with your partner in the wagon and take a moment to enjoy the smell of the grass and the gorgeous day the two of you are sharing. Have a candlelit barn dinner to polish off your Western experience with a romantic date night. Keep the mood going with a cowboy-themed spread surrounded by a rustic ranch setting.

Unsure where the closest ranch is? does the footwork for you by finding ranches across America. Some ranches even have more amenities than the great outdoors like spas, pools, tennis, bars and hot tubs. Find the one that best suits you and your significant other.

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If you live near New York City, check out some of the ranches near the Hudson River Valley. For example, Rocking Horse Ranch is a fun place! After a ride through the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, you and your honey can travel a different trail – one through Hudson Vally Wine Country. Taste your way through a variety of vineyards to round out your date.

If you’re close to Los Angeles, enjoy trail rides and cave exploration at Griffith Park Horse Rentals or discover you and your lover’s inner cowboy at Sunset Ranch. Kick back in the California sunshine when your time on the trail is done, and learn about the rich history of the San Antonio Winery that has been in LA since 1917.

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No matter how you and your sweetheart enjoy your ‘day in the hay’, remember to just have fun!

Ever been horseback riding on a date before? We’d love to hear about it! Share your experience by commenting below.