Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid Exclusive: ‘Bachelor Pad’ Winners Natalie Getz and David Good Dish on Love, Dating and Reality TVCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid Exclusive: ‘Bachelor Pad’ Winners Natalie Getz and David Good Dish on Love, Dating and Reality TV

By Krissy Dolor

If you want to know the key ingredient to winning (no Sheen pun intended), look no further than last summer’s Bachelor Pad winners: Natalie Getz and David Good.

Even though these two former contestants didn’t strike a love match on their respective Bachelor-franchise seasons, this dynamic duo made their mark as the first couple to win the ABC spin-off reality show, Bachelor Pad, where 19 past contestants competed for a grand prize of $250,000.

Throughout the show’s run, this couple focused on making their way to the finish line.  If there’s anything we can learn from watching Getz and Good, it’s that three important traits are needed to keep any relationship moving forward: loyalty, trust and friendship, which they exemplified.  While most romantic couples aren’t competing for anything but each other’s hearts, these elements can have you and your partner come out winning too – whether it’s for love, marriage or happiness.

Cupid had the opportunity to speak with Natalie and David about love, dating and how their lives have changed since Bachelor Pad ended.  Read on to see what they had to say:

1. Did being on a reality dating show change your perceptions/expectations about dating?

Natalie: Yes.  It has helped me further the exploration of my youth and single life, making me ready to move on and actually commit to someone.  Instead of pushing away the nice guy, now I’m ready so I will embrace him (wherever he is) with open arms and an accepting outlook towards a future.
David: Being on the show did not necessarily change my perception/expectations about dating.  However, dating and meeting girls since the show has a little.  You really have to have your guard up so to speak, because you never know if someone is just trying to be with you because you were on TV or if they are legitimately interested in you.  It’s weird that someone would be like that to me, but a lot of girls really get into these shows.

2. What has your dating experience been like since The Bachelor/The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad ended?

Natalie: I’ve definitely dated my fair share of men, but now realize to be upfront right away if I don’t see a future.  I also am able to better identify who is right for me versus liking a guy for the wrong reasons.
David: It’s been great!  I travel all over the country on my book tour and get to meet a lot of people and a lot of beautiful girls.  The negative about that is that I am not in a good place to start a new relationship being gone all the time, so it’s like a double-edged sword.  Waiting for “that one” to really catch my eye you know.

3. Based on your personal experience as a Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant, do you believe that love can be found on reality TV?

Natalie: I absolutely do.  Before the show, I was a non-believer, but the casting department goes to extreme lengths to ensure the most compatible contestants to the bachelor/ette’s personality.  If they chose someone there for the right reasons, the end result will be a success.  Jillian and I have a similar personality, which explains why I’ve had a bit of a dating history with her season, hahaha!
David: I do believe that love can be found on reality TV, 100 percent.  It’s funny, too, because before the show I did not think so and now I really do.  They pick some great people to be on these shows, and I think if you hit it off on there, that down the line you can make it work.

4. What piece of dating advice can you give to our single visitors?

Natalie: Don’t look for it, let it come to you.  If you have any hesitations, leave the situation.  And if the right person enters your life when you aren’t ready?  Don’t push them away, but take it slow.  Start out with a friendship so that you don’t ruin a great thing!
David: Start out all your relationships with brutal honesty.  If you start out with that, then down the line you don’t have to lie about things or dig yourself out of holes, and you are free to be yourself and love openly.

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