Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Haunt Your HoneyCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Haunt Your Honey

By Jessica Gomez and Kristin Mattern

Halloween is the perfect day to shake things up a bit and have a date that fits the holiday! Get into the spirit with your sweetie and dress up as a couple: go for goofy, serious, or sexy. However you switch it up for this haunted holiday, take advantage of the spooky atmosphere and do something different together.

Halloween is an exciting time of year, and we have some love and dating advice. Here are some date ideas for those of us who love feeling the spooky spirit:

Get scary and venture into a haunted house: Looking for the scariest haunted houses around? Check out America Haunts or Haunt World for the freakiest attractions across America. Hold tight to your honey as you walk through enchanted rooms and possessed houses. Share some laughs over who screams first or loudest.

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If fake horror isn’t enough, find a real haunted property and check it out: Take photographs as you walk around – you never know when you might catch a ghost on film. However, remember to make sure you aren’t trespassing. You can visit this site to find some real haunted houses to tour on Halloween. You can also opt to have a Halloween picnic at a nearby graveyard and enjoy the scary scenery; just remember to always be respectful.

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A romantic and scary movie date: If at home, curl up together on the couch and watch some horror classics or go for the recent and new. The choice is yours. If you want to do a real Halloweeny-flick, you should watch all three Halloween films by director John Carpenter. For more suspense and intrigue and less scare, put on The Twilight Zone. Discuss your favorite kinds of Halloween movies, and don’t forget to bake some Halloween-themed snacks to enjoy. Feeling lazy? Buy the snacks. For more thrills and chills, make your way to your local theater. If you don’t want to stay home, catch the latest horror flick or thriller at the movies, then sit back and prepare for the scare-a-thon as the cinematic magic takes you and your date on a roller coaster of gut-wrenching emotions.

Halloween is such an awesome holiday! Always remember to get a little wild and have a spooky good time with your sweetie!

Have you had a freaky date on Halloween? Share your chilling tales in the comments below!