Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Amy Schumer Marries Chris Fischer in Surprise WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Amy Schumer Marries Chris Fischer in Surprise Wedding

By Carly Horowitz

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer tied the knot on Tuesday! According to, the celebrity wedding took place in a private waterfront home in Malibu. Schumer and Fischer only went public as a celebrity couple two days before their wedding via an Instagram post of them kissing. Although, rumors of Schumer and Fischer being together have been stirring around since November. Some individuals whom were in attendance at the celebrity wedding were Jennifer Lawrence, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Aniston, Larry David, Judd Apatow, and David Spade.

This celebrity wedding was a surprise! What are some benefits to making your wedding a surprise?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your wedding is a very special occasion. Sometimes, it can make it even more special if you celebrate it in an intimate, surprising manner! Here are some good aspects regarding surprise weddings:

1. There is less pressure: When you are planning a surprise wedding, there won’t be any expectations of how it should go. The guests or the public in general has no idea what to even expect since it is a surprise. Therefore, your wedding doesn’t have to live up to anything crazy.

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2. You only have to rely on select people: When keeping your wedding a surprise, you won’t have to worry about people who you don’t really want contributing giving you input. Since you will only be notifying a select number of people in the first place, you will be able to conduct your wedding peacefully with just the right amount of outside input.

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3. It is exciting!: Even though a surprise wedding is not traditional, you have to admit that it is pretty cool. Not everything has to be a big production. What better way to spend your wedding than in a secluded area with your closest family and friends. Once the word gets out, everyone else will have something surprising to be excited about!

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