Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Love is MagicCupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Love is Magic

By Jessica Gomez and Shannon Seibert

Magic isn’t just for kids, and it can be more than silly card tricks or a rabbit hopping out of a top hat. In fact, love is an indefinite form of unexplained magic. The feeling of love is a magical mystery that can give us reasons to believe in something greater than ourselves.

This weekend, you and your sweetheart should leave your predispositions at the door and become enchanted by the power of magic all over again. Here are some magical date ideas:

Have a magic movie marathon: There are so many movies that will have you two love birds wanting to learn a few tricks of your own. Get some popcorn and other munchies to set the “movie marathon” mood and snag a couple of cheap bottles of wine while you’re out too to prepare. Then, get ready to snuggle close together and watch recently released magic movies and the classics! has a whole category of enjoyable magic-based movies, so that you and your honey can have the pick of the litter.

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Check out a local magic show: Buy some tickets or even go out and watch street performers in the park — magic can exist anywhere. Tour your local area to see if you can catch any of your city’s hidden talent. There are also plenty of night clubs and venues that showcase magical talent. During the show, try to make guesses about how each trick is executed and compare theories. Some magicians incorporate the audience in their tricks, so get yourselves involved!  Maybe being “sawed in two” will actually end up bringing you and your other half closer together.

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Look up magic trick tutorials: Do it separately, and then try them on each other. This will be a cute bonding experience and you’ll learn some new tricks — plus the ones you can teach each other as well. You give a little and get a little. Learn a couple, learn a bunch – up to you. Embrace your inner child and go nuts!

Have any other ideas on “magical dates? Share with us in the comments below!