Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Plan a Walk Around TownCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Plan a Walk Around Town

By Carly Horowitz and Kristin Mattern

Already walked down every nature trail in the area with your sweetie? It’s time for a new outdoor adventure! Take an urban stroll this weekend and enjoy the fantastic weather while finding all the coolest little hotspots around town. You might just uncover your new favorite place to hang out!

Venture out on a walk through your town for your next date idea!

Before you set out on your date, you need to first decide a route. Will this be a short and brisk stroll through a familiar neighborhood, or are you up for a long trek through uncharted territory? Whatever kind of walk you pick, be sure to have your phone with you so that you don’t get lost. Also, as you discover nifty places on your walk, jot them down in your notes so it is easier for you and your partner to visit them again.

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If you are wandering around a well-known area, like a part of town you drive through to get to work, take the time to slow down and appreciate all of the little details you miss during the morning rush. As you walk hand and hand, snap some pictures of the area. Take turns posing in front of your favorite coffee shop and stores. Discover a new little café that you’ve never noticed before and grab some lattés for your stroll around town. Play eye-spy with your darling and have fun looking at your community with a new perspective.

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If you live in NYC, why don’t you and your honey walk the perimeter of Manhattan? If you did the route it would be a 32-mile walk and we know that’s a bit challenging. So try just a quarter of it instead! It’s tough but very fun and rewarding too. Dress for a hike or sport your favorite fashion trends as long as its comfy and easy to walk in! Bring water and food, and embark on a date that promises to please. See wigwams, old architecture, green gardens, the Hudson and more on this romantic adventure!

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Located in LA? Drive out to Venice Beach, located about a half an hour away from the coast. Take in the iconic boardwalk with it’s unique and colorful buildings, ferris wheel and trendy shops while enjoying the brisk fall air as it rolls off the ocean. You can even take a self-guided tour of Venice’s Murals for free. Then head over to a quaint little eatery like Il Moro Restaurant and Gastrobar and watch the sunset. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect date night.

Have you planned an outdoor date in your hometown? Tell us about it in the comments below!