Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelorette’ Alum Rachel Lindsay Reveals the Most Awkward Part of Finding Love on Reality TVCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelorette’ Alum Rachel Lindsay Reveals the Most Awkward Part of Finding Love on Reality TV

By Jessica Gomez

Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay opened up about the most awkward part of finding love on a reality TV show, according to And, it’s not necessarily what you would expect. Lindsay got engaged to Bryan Abasolo in 2017 on the finale of her Bachelorette season. The celebrity couple do not have a definite date for their celebrity wedding as of yet, but what Lindsay believes is the weirdest part of the process is the moment the show is over and the cameras stop rolling. “I tell people the most awkward day is the day the cameras go off. Not even your first date. It’s like, ‘I’ve been proposed to.’ It’s this amazing experience. And then they’re like, ‘That’s a wrap.’ Like, show’s done, and then you’re just standing with each other,” the bride-to-be explained. “And once we got past that, everything else was a breeze… Because you don’t know if the person is really the same person they showed you on camera — and I think that’s what’s scary.”

This celebrity news shows that there are awkward moments even when it comes to finding love on TV. What are some ways to reduce those awkward moments on your quest to finding love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Oh, the journey of finding love, how wonderful and scary it can be. Alas, not to worry, Cupid has some advice on reducing awkward moments that could be avoided with a few steps:

1. Don’t rush: Take things at a good pace — not too fast, not too slow. When rushing into things, we often miss signs that we should be looking out for in order to avoid making the mistake of further pursing a relationship or to avoid certain awkward moments. Things should happen in their own time and not be rushed by you or the other person. Love isn’t a race, it takes time. You need to learn the way the person is and the way your new relationship is in order to avoid negativity and awkwardness. After that, then the trust needs to roll in, which is why taking things steady is many times a good idea.

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2. Don’t try too hard: Impress others, but don’t stop being yourself. Pretending to be someone you’re not is bound to end in an awkward moment. It’s important to put energy into trying to putting your best foot forward and being the best version of yourself. However, in the process, make sure to stay true to yourself. Don’t let your mind roam too far, causing you to act out of desperation. It’s understandable to maybe not want to be your whole, total self — just remember to not stray away from what really makes you you. Insecurities can easily pop up when you’re playing a role that isn’t like you.

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3. Don’t worry: Like said before, love and relationships take time. Sometimes certain concerns creep up on us and we become worrywarts. The unknown can be terrifying, and you may not feel completely comfortable because of that. However, don’t let unvalidated feelings take over. Get to know the person without judging them from past experiences you’ve had that have nothing to do with them. As time passes by, you will also build emotional intimacy, which should ease the worrying due to having a more open relationship with one another.

What are some ways you have avoided awkward moments while dating or in a relationship? Share with us below!