Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Getaway: Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Enjoy PDA on Mexican VacationCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Getaway: Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Enjoy PDA on Mexican Vacation

By Jessica Gomez

Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex Scott Disick and girlfriend Sofia Richie were all lovey dovey during their¬†celebrity vacation in Mexico, according to The celebrity couple posted photos on Instagram. Both were having fun and a ton of PDA was going on. According to a source, the couple is very happy, always have fun, and were making out and all over one another often during the vacay.

This celebrity getaway is getting steamy. What are some things to consider when it comes to public displays of affection?

Cupid’s Advice:

PDA is a controversial topic. Some people are fine with it, and some people are hardcore against it. There are different levels of PDA, from holding hands to make out sessions and butt grabbing — so different levels call for different measures. Cupid has some tips on things you should consider when it comes to public displays of affection:

1. Are there kids around?: This matters depending on the level of PDA of course. Are you just kissing one another innocently or is it to the point of someone telling you to get a room? Children are innocent and you wouldn’t want to influence them in a particular way, especially if they aren’t your kids.

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2. Are you making others uncomfortable?: Generally, we are told to not care about what others think. However, it can be annoying when a group of friends are hanging out, and there’s that couple all over each other the whole time. Do as you please, but try to keep in mind whether or not you’re overdoing it. Everything in moderation.

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3. The place: PDA stands for public displays of attention (as we all know), but certain public places may be more acceptable than others. For example: work, school, a funeral home, children’s playgrounds, and hospitals are obvious places where most people would agree couples should stray away from intense PDA. So just keep your eyes open and be aware of you surroundings, and of course pay attention to the level of PDA.

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