Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Ricky Martin Confirms He’s Married to Jwan YosefCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Ricky Martin Confirms He’s Married to Jwan Yosef

By Jessica Gomez

Ricky Martin has tied the knot with Jwan Yosef, according to! “It feels amazing… He’s my husband. He’s my man,” Martin told E! excitedly. The celebrity couple is planning a big celebration and plan on living “la vida loca” with their guests by aiming to party for days straight! “The typical three-day party, the dinner, the rehearsal, the party, and the recovery,” Martin said. Congrats to the married couple!

This celebrity wedding was very low-key, but the paperwork has been signed! What are some reasons to keep your wedding festivities under the radar?

Cupid’s Advice:

Celebrities are not the only ones that would want to keep their wedding under wraps. Cupid has some ideas as to why you may want to keep your wedding on the down low:

1. You just don’t want people in your biz: This can happen whether you’re famous or not. Some people are really private about their lives and want precious moments like these to be kept within closed doors at first. So don’t take offense, some people are just real private about their business!

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2. You’re eloping: Secrecy is sometimes romantic? Sometimes we do find ourselves in a situation we never thought we would be in. Maybe the fam doesn’t approve? Maybe you just can’t wait to get married? Or maybe you’re trying to get out of testifying in court against your lover like Blair did with Chuck in Gossip Girl! *Winks*

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3. You’re shy or an introvert: If this is the case, you may not want a lot of attention, so you would keep your wedding quiet for a bit. Shy and introverted people sometimes cannot handle being in a room full of people being the center of attention — it’s too much for them. So yeah, it makes sense they would keep their wedding quiet.

What reasons have those around you had for keeping their wedding quiet? Comment Below!