Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Batter UpCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Batter Up

By Rachel Sparks

This weekend, celebrate America’s favorite pastime with your love! Go to a baseball game, watch one on television, or even play together at a nearby park. No matter what, you’ll both appreciate taking an interest in something new for this weekend date idea!

Spend this weekend enjoying a classic sport with your love!

Want to surprise your partner? Buy two tickets to the next local baseball game and head to the ballpark to cheer for your hometown team. For lunch, enjoy a stadium hot dog or some cheesy nachos and a cold beer. Your significant other will think it’s romantic that you’re spending the day doing something new and team-driven.

Go to the game a little early and watch the team warm up by the dugout. If you’re lucky, you may even get to meet some of the players or score some autographs. Buy a jersey, hat, and foam finger to really get in the spirit. Be sure to bring your camera too – your new gear makes for a perfect photo opportunity to commemorate this date night. The baseball park may even offer professional shots.

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Want to do something romantic for your partner? Pucker up for the kiss cam. Being on the screen will make you feel like a celebrity couple! Make the game more interesting by placing bets on which team you think is going to win. Rooting against each other will make the game even more fun. Loser has to buy the next round of beers or cook dinner that night.

After the game ends, toss around a baseball together before calling it a night. Teach each other your personal techniques – maybe your love has a special curveball that helped their high school team win the state championship, or maybe you’re the sporty one and can create some friendly competition.

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If the weather (or your wallet) is not on your side, catch the big game on television. Head to a nearby sports bar and watch the game with other excited fans. For a more low-key night, get out the fuzzy blanket and cozy up with your love. Mute the TV during commercial breaks and let your love tell you more about the teams, players and sport in general. Cupid’s relationship advice: make your partner feel important and show you care by listening to them rave about their favorite pastime!

How do you like to watch baseball with your love? Share in the comments below.