Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Luke Bryan Gives His Wife Two Baby KangaroosCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Luke Bryan Gives His Wife Two Baby Kangaroos

By Karley Kemble

All I want for Christmas is…a kangaroo? It looks like Luke Bryan may have been singing that to his wife this holiday season! In some very fun celebrity news, Bryan gifted his wife, Caroline Boyer, with two baby kangaroos for Christmas, reports In a video posted on Bryan’s Instagram feed, he showed his wife’s reaction to the sweet reveal! The celebrity couple has named their new furry friends Margo and Todd – and they both “are adjusting perfectly” according to Boyer in her accompanying post. The kangaroos were rescued as part of “Brett’s Barn” – a project Boyer started in honor of her late baby niece.

In this celebrity news, talk about a unique romantic gesture! What are some unique and thoughtful gifts you can give to your significant other?

Cupid’s Advice:

While you certainly don’t have to gift your significant other a present as grandiose as kangaroos, it’s nice to show your love with a romantic gesture every now and then. If you’re feeling stumped, Cupid has some ideas for you:

1. Something sentimental: Do you two have a certain date that’s important to you? Maybe you have a special spot you always go to, or a fun inside joke. Whatever the case, something sentimental is always appreciated. Perhaps you find the coordinates to the location you first saw your partner and have that stamped on a bracelet. The more specific, the better!

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2. Something handmade: Handmade gifts are seriously underrated! Channel your elementary school days and get artsy! A cute example is to find an old mason jar and fill it to the brim with love notes, affirmations, and jokes. You’ll be sure to leave a smile on your partner’s face every time they pull something out.

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3. Something useful: While it may not be the most “romantic” thing in the book, something useful and practical can be very unique! Perhaps your partner was sharing about how their showerhead wasn’t up to par – get them a new one! It shows you listen and you care about their well-being enough to think of something “adult-like.”

What are some unique gifts you’ve given (or received) from a partner or loved one? Share with us below!