Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Still Going Strong Despite Split RumorsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Still Going Strong Despite Split Rumors

By Rachel Sparks

Celebrity couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux celebrated Christmas together, despite rumors of a celebrity divorce. Though the couple doesn’t spend a lot of time together, a close friend revealed to that the two were weekend lovers. In between shootings of both their projects, Aniston would fly up to New York City to visit husband Theroux. Aniston spent time alone in L.A., her west coast preference the driving force for some independent time, but the the couple is reportedly still going strong.

This celebrity couple isn’t headed for Splitsville, despite rumors. What are some ways to keep gossip from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

We’re all victims of gossip, so it’s not unfamiliar when the negative words are directed towards your relationship. Despite the former acquaintance with rumors, they can still hurt your relationship. Read Cupid’s relationship advice to help you and your love survive:

1. Sometimes, it comes from deep love: Understanding that gossip can come from a deep place of love doesn’t negate the effects of the rumors, but it can help you and your partner avoid too much heartache. When family gossips, they want to get to know what’s going on in your life. Not everyone gossips from love, but recognizing who the words are coming from and why it’s being said can help you move past the gossip.

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2. Communicate openly: Be sure to talk openly and honestly with your partner. What they say is far more important than what anyone else says. Sure, some rumors are very hard to ignore and may test the trust you and your partner have built, but without believing in your love, there’s no way the two of you can make it through gossip. Remain open and honest and you two can make it through anything.

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3. Cut out the negativity: Ultimately, if people cannot stop gossiping about you and your partner, cut them out. If you’ve approached the origin of the negative words and asked them to stop and they won’t, keep your distance. It’s hard when it’s family, but family has to understand that your choice is your’s alone. Until they respect that, keeping away negativity will help you and your partner heal.

How have you and your partner made it through rumors? Share your advice below!