Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: Ali Fedotowsky Says She Could Go Into Labor During Family WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: Ali Fedotowsky Says She Could Go Into Labor During Family Wedding

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity baby news, Ali Fedotowsky is nervous about the possibility of going into labor at her brother-in-law’s wedding, according to “My doctor keeps telling me that there’s a chance because Molly was eight days early and with your second baby you tend to be even earlier than the first one. So she’s like, ‘Look, be prepared for that water to break. There’s a chance that could happen,’” Fedotoswky said. The Bachelorette alumni is currently expecting her second child in May with her hubby Kevin Manno. The celebrity couple are planning their celebrity wedding, which will be Fedotowsky’s second time walking down the aisle.

Even celebrity babies don’t always enter the world in a convenient manner. What are some ways to plan for your child’s entrance to the world? Cupid has some baby advice:

Cupid’s Advice:

When nature says it’s time, it’s time and there’s no fighting it. We can never be fully prepared to become a parent, but there are steps to take and to-do lists to complete that will make your life that much easier when your baby decides it’s time. Read Cupid’s parenting tips below:

1. Create a birth plan: Some people want to do a home birth, while others want to give birth in a hospital, some want a natrual birth, some don’t. Talk to your doctor aboout the best birth plan for you. It’s good to have a plan and know what to expect.

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2. Get the nursery ready at least two months before the due date: You need to give yourself more than enough time to prepare before the baby arrives. And you want to take your time creating a great space for your little one. Look at ideas online, get inspired. Don’t do things last minute and stress out; do things early and save yourself the hassle. You’ll have time to change things if necessary.

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3. Do your baby shopping: Have your baby shower and shop for the rest. This is a very exciting moment because well, shopping is great, but you’re stocking up on all baby neccesities. Once you’re home putting away all of the baby goods you’ll have this feeling of accomplishment and a wave of ease because you are prepared.

What are some steps you took before your due date? Comment below!