Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: How to Keep the Beer From St. Patrick’s Day Off Your HipsCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: How to Keep the Beer From St. Patrick’s Day Off Your Hips

By Rachel Sparks

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and we need to prepare our bodies. Let’s be honest, the Irish have a stereotype for a love of drinking and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’re going to join in on the fun. So soon after the New Year and our resolutions dangling over our heads, the biggest question is how we can have fun without failing our fitness goals? Cupid’s fitness tips are our secret to you.

Cupid’s fitness tips will help keep all your St. Patrick’s Day fun from sticking to your hips!

1. Eliminate carbs: This is a given. If you know you’re about to be ingesting a lot of green beer, and the pretzels that come along with them, just make sure that you’ve balanced your intake. Cut back the days before and days after. Generally speaking, you don’t want too many carbs anyway, but a little moderation will help balance that green beer you’re going to have.

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2. Limit portions: Like any dietary recommendation, rationing portions helps. Smaller meals more often is a much better alternative for your body than a few large meals. Don’t starve your body; the extra calories from holiday celebrations will send a message to your starving body to store them while they can.

3. Watch caffeine: Caffeine is a jittery high compared to the sleepy lows of alcohol. Be careful to not get stuck in a cycle of highs and lows that make up drinking and too much caffeine. In addition to the energy chaos, both alcohol and caffeine are diacritics. Sounds delicious? Yeah. Both will upset your stomach and mess with your sleep. Monitor caffeine or find kinder alternatives than coffee, such as tea or mate.

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4. Work out routine: If you’ve been sticking with your resolutions we imagine that you already have a great work out routine. Make sure you stick with it before and after St. Patrick’s day. It’s much easier to maintain than it is to recover, so don’t stress about working out more in order to lose the extra beer weight, just tick with your normal routine to avoid packing it on.

5. HIIT: This is extreme. If you’re ready for intense workouts with burn and fast results, this is it. High intensity interval training is a celebrity fitness trend that really works. Queen Latifa, David Beckham, and Carrie Underwood are proud of their hot bods thanks to HIIT, so as a great fall back to get your butt in gear, HIIT will be saving your hips from St. Patrick’s day.

How do you plan on keeping the beer weight off? Share your tips below!