Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Build Your LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Build Your Love

By Rachel Sparks

What better way to build your love than to actually build something together? Grab some blankets and pillows for a temporary fort or wood and nails for something more permanent and start planning your creation with your partner. You’ll both challenge your creativity skills, grow your team working skills, and also learn something new – both about building and about each other with this amazing date idea!

This weekend’s date idea is all about building something together!

Revert back to your childhood days and make a fort together for a fun date night!. Get some blankets and create a tent in the living room. Have a playful pillow fight, cuddle up, and share funny stories from when you were younger. If the weather is sunny and warm, go outside and build your fort on the lawn. Let the cool evening breeze and cozy tent ease both of your minds. Be sure to bring a childhood snack like popcorn, pudding, or a bag of Twizzlers. No matter what, you’ll connect with your significant other in a fun and unique way.

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If you’re looking for a bigger project to tackle, build a tree house together. A good amount of time will be needed to develop and execute your plan, and your teamwork skills will certainly be tested. Be prepared to get your hands a little dirty too! Once you’re finished, you’ll have a new space to enjoy with your love and build new memories in.

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Whether you’re relaxing in your blanket fort or newly-built treehouse, what you do together after building is important. Our relationship advice means spending quality time together. Dig out your old board games and challenge your love to a competition. Break out a deck of cards and let your S.O. teach you how to put on a poker face. Bring a radio to your new hangout and play your favorite tunes. Watch fireflies, the clouds, or each other for the perfect ending to a busy day of building.

Have you ever built something with your love? Tell us in the comments below.