Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Bloom in the SunCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Bloom in the Sun

By Rachel Sparks

You’ve spent the whole summer with your partner at the beach, playing in the sun, splashing around in the ocean, enjoying trail mix and sunflower seeds together. If you’re running out of date ideas, Cupid’s Pulse has them all. Have you ever given thought to where those sunflower seeds come from or how they grow? It’s time to get back to the roots by creating your own love garden together. As the flowers grow, you’ll be reminded of that date night when you first planted them. For fun, take bets on how long they will take to sprout.

Spend some quality time getting back to your roots with this summery date idea!

If neither of you have a green thumb, bring your man to a sunflower maze. To make things a bit more exciting, you can embrace your inner child and play hide-and-seek among the giant stems. Use both of these activities to bond with your man while fitting a little exercise into your afternoon. By the time you leave the maze, you’ll be ready for a cold glass of wine and a delicious picnic dinner.

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When you get home, look up a recipe for sunflower ice cream and whip some up before you sit down to a nice healthy meal. The ice cream will be a unique summer treat and may even become a tradition for you to make as a couple. It’ll take about four hours to freeze, so be patient.  Prepare some easy-to-make grilled chicken on the barbecue and pull together a tasty summer salad complete with cranberries and apples. Food always brings people closer together and cooking together can remind you of how much you love one another.

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Sunflower season is one of the hidden treasures of summer. Make sure that you take advantage of this beautiful time of year!

Have you ever planted your own garden or visited a sunflower maze? Share your experiences in the comments below.