Cupid's Pulse Article: Vacation Destinations: Romantic Staycations for a Mid-Week Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Vacation Destinations: Romantic Staycations for a Mid-Week Valentine’s Day

By Rachel Sparks

Those of us who are currently in a relationship want to have the most romantic date night with our loved one for Valentine’s Day. From year to year, V-Day is on the weekend 43% of the time, leaving a whopping 57% chance that the romantic date night you were planning falls on a weekday night, killing the mood. So you may not be able to go out or have a romantic getaway, but these mid-week staycation date ideas are sure to keep the romance alive for your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Try these vacation destinations in your hometown for a romantic Valentine’s Day staycation!

1. Sunset cruise: Okay, this only works if you’re near water. Even a river or lake will do! Most cities host sunset cruises with dinner included. It’ll cost about as much as a romantic dinner out at the three-star restaurant you’ve been eyeing, with the added bonus of beautiful scenery.

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2. Hot air balloon: The good news is that anywhere with clear air is likely to have a hot air balloon ride available! If you and your partner are feeling daring, enjoying V-Day dinner in a basket for two, literally, is incredibly romantic. If either of you is scared of heights, get ready for full-blown snuggles. Our suggestion: bring a bottle of wine or two to calm the nerves (if you’re 21 and up!). Even the bravest of people will have a hard time grasping the idea that only a balloon is keeping you separated from the ground.

3. Disposable camera: Smartphones have made us take photography for granted. It’s a lot more fun to grab a Polaroid or disposable camera and have a goofy photo shoot around town. Because you won’t be able to delete any pictures taken, it’ll be challenging to pose yourselves just right. Plus, the anticipation of seeing the photos developed will keep you excited and help you relive the fun of your date!

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4. DIY spa escape: Make it a true staycation, and turn your home into an all-inclusive spa resort. Small touches in your bathroom, like white lines and pops of wood, recreate that spa environment. Don’t forget to include candles, scents, luscious pillows, and soft music. Take turns giving each other a full body massage, mani-pedis, and masks. Even if your S.O. seems a bit apprehensive about the spoilage, tell them how rewarding it feels to be pampered, and how much you want to express your love.

5. Thrift shop photo shoot: For a goofy and light-hearted date night, go to your local thrift shop and pick out outfits for each other. Put on a photo shoot, and end the night with a picnic or a home-cooked meal.

How have you kept the romance of Valentine’s Day alive when it falls mid-week, staycation style? Share your date ideas below!