Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Sparkling Wine for Holiday Date NightsCupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Sparkling Wine for Holiday Date Nights

By Yolanda Shoshana

December, a month packed with festive holiday gatherings, is the perfect time for sparkling wine. It’s also a great way to pop into 2018. Bubbly is known for special occasions, so whichever holidays you celebrate, there’s a bottle that will pair perfectly for your situation. Honestly, it’s always a good time for sparkling wine. Even if you are having a quiet date night at home, you can break out the bubbles!

Enjoy Celebrity Sparkling Wine on Your Next Date Night

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If you are looking for a sparkling wine to keep on hand, Giuliana Prosecco is the way to go. Most people know Giuliana Rancic from her days on E! News. Besides being a host, she also owns a few restaurants with her handsome husband, Bill Rancic. This year, Giuliana launched her Prosecco at their Chicago-based restaurants as an affordable and quality wine. Now, you can enjoy it with your friends and family for some added holiday cheer. It’s like inviting this celebrity couple over for a good time!

When you want an elegant sparkling wine, pick up a bottle of Christie Brinkley’s Bellissima DOC Brut. Brinkley is all about clean living, so it’s no surprise that her wine is made with organic grapes. Produced in the beautiful region of Treviso, let your palate travel to Italy as you enjoy the aromas of green apples and baked bread. If you and your boo are having a quiet night in for New Year’s Eve, let this choice be your go-to.

Former NBA player, Yao Ming, got into the wine game in 2011. The Napa-based winery is known for producing stellar wines. If you are planning a grown and sexy night with your partner, the Yao Ming Napa Valley Brut will add a special touch to your evening. Made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this crisp sparkler is flirty on the palate. It will add a touch of seduction to your evening. Yao brings in the meow.

If you want a sparkling wine that comes with a sassy attitude, you can always go with Myx Classico Sangria by Nicki Minaj. There’s something about bubbly sangria that screams “good time.” The best part about this wine is that it’s ready to go. No need to mix up anything — just open the bottle and sip! This Spanish wine-based sangria is a good one to drink while binging on romantic Christmas movies with your girl squad or with your partner (who may act like he doesn’t want to watch, but secretly, you know he does).

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When Steve Amell isn’t charming viewers as The Arrow, you can probably find him at his winery, Nocking Point, in Washington. Their limited edition Pacific Coast Pink sparkling rosé is a must-have for the holidays. It pairs perfectly with just about every holiday treat or meal. The sparkler is produced in New Mexico, which is such a fabulous area for sparkling wines that you may get hooked. This wine is perfect for that holiday party you’re hosting later this month.

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