Cupid's Pulse Article: Royal Celebrity Couple News: William & Kate Will Host Harry & Meghan for the HolidaysCupid's Pulse Article: Royal Celebrity Couple News: William & Kate Will Host Harry & Meghan for the Holidays

By Rachel Sparks

With all this holiday cheer and celebrity wedding planing fun, what’s more exciting than this royal celebrity news? According to UsMagazine.comPrince Harry and Meghan Markle have a family-filled Christmas holiday. They’ll start Christmas Eve with Queen Elizabeth II at her Sandrigham House, then spend the rest of the holiday with Prince William and Duchess Kate as their official house guests. Slated with plans, they’ll spend brunch-time at St. Mary Magdalene Church and enjoy a massive feast with two turkeys, a third bird being sent up to the nursery for the royal children.

Even celebrity couples celebrate the holidays with family. What are some ways to keep the drama out of your family reunion?

Cupid’s Advice:

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes their family. Holidays pressure us to spend time with our more distant relatives, but that only adds more stress. Snide comments, little jabs, and passing judgements end up hurting a lot of feelings and causes drama. Our relationship advice will get you through this holiday season with as little family drama as possible:

1. Be grateful: Not everyone can visit their families, so realize that, despite the drama, there are people who are envious of you and your family. No, your family isn’t perfect. There’s fights and screaming children and disappointed parents, but families are messy. Revel in the fact you have so many people around you who, at the end of the day, love you. That’s a lot to appreciate.

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2. Anticipate triggers: It’s hard to remain cheerful when you know your brother is going to comment on your weight. Expecting these snide comments can help alleviate some of the frustration and anger when they do occur. You may be able to ignore these comments and just have a good time, and that is something that will drive your family crazy if they’re wanting to push your buttons. Set a new trend: ignore jabs and experience joy.

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3. Banish black-and-white thinking: We all want the holidays to be magnificent. We want our kids to have the same joyful memories we did, full of magic. We want to genuinely enjoy seeing our family and reconnecting with them. People don’t always meet these expectations, accidents happen, fights break out, kids cry, and that holiday cheer you pictured isn’t what’s playing out. Put aside expectations and realize set-backs happen, but that doesn’t mean the whole holiday is ruined. Don’t dwell on the problems; instead, enjoy every moment for what it is.

How do you survive family holidays with the least amount of drama? Share your tips below!