Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Secrets: Slim Down in Time for Valentine’s Day Date NightCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Secrets: Slim Down in Time for Valentine’s Day Date Night

By Rachel Sparks

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we know you want to look your hottest for the perfect date night! Your New Year’s resolutions may have included a workout plan (and you may have even stuck with it), but all those holiday treats are still sticking to your hips. Here are Cupid’s fitness tips to get you in sexy shape for your dream Valentine’s Day date night:

Cupid’s fitness tips will help make your Valentine’s Day date night the sexiest!

1. Juice detox: If you’re trying to make a change really quick, a detox is the way to start. You can lose weight on a detox, but you want to use this as a starting point and not the only technique for losing weight. You need to clean your body of all that junk leftover from the holidays in order to feel better, eat healthier, and kick-start a work-out routine.

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2. Stay hydrated: And we mean all the time. Drinking enough water will give you more energy, replace water you lost during a work-out, keep you feeling full so you don’t overindulge at meal time, and it keeps your skin taut and glowing. So really, there’s no reason to not drink water.

3. Cut unnecessary calories: Drinking, white bread, and junk food are some of the biggest culprits of wasted food. Our bodies need calories to function, and especially while working out, but make sure you’re ingesting the right kind of calories. Fruits are high in the good kind of carbs to give you a burst of energy. Proteins like chicken or fish are light and easy to digest while still giving you the heavy feeling of having eaten. If sticking to a diet for too long seems daunting, just remind yourself you’re doing this for Valentine’s Day. A month is easy, right? Well according to Idealfit you can get lean in as short as 15 days.

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4. Don’t starve yourself: You think weight loss and you think cutting back on eating, but that’s retroactive to your goals. Starving yourself triggers your body into survival mode, which means it will actually run slower and store even more calories. When you don’t enough, you’re telling your body food isn’t common. Eat regularly, have healthy snacks often, and you’ll actually lose more weight from eating more often.

5. HIIT workout: This is one of the latest fitness trends. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Basically, you give everything you can for a short amount of time, rest, and come back. You’re pushing your body to the max. It’s a lot like heavy-lifting training; you’re doing high intensity for shorter reps to gain muscle and burn more fat. This is definitely a hard workout, but it’s a quick ticket to that sexy bod.

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6. Find fun workouts: Ok, so working out usually sucks. Weight training and timed miles remind us of gym class in high school, and no one wants to go back there. Take cues from Kate Hudson and other celebrity workout plans and find something fun. Whether you follow Kate Hudson’s passions for pole dance or you’ve fallen in love with Zumba, anything that gets you to jump off the couch and burn those calories is a win.

How do you plan to get in shape for Valentine’s Day? Share your own fitness tips below!