Cupid's Pulse Article: Dessert Recipes for the Perfect Valentine’s Date NightCupid's Pulse Article: Dessert Recipes for the Perfect Valentine’s Date Night

By Rachel Sparks

Dinner and a movie is a classic date night, but Cupid wants to help you spice things up. Whether you go out on the town and want to end things at the house or you’re spending a casual night in, couples’ desserts are the perfect date idea. Celebrity chefs talk about aphrodisiacs, but whether or not you believe in the romantic powers of lobster or pomegranates, these celebrity chef recipes will up the romance between you and your S.O.

These celebrity chef recipes will make your Valentine’s date night that much sweeter!

What date night is complete without a little something sweet? These dessert recipes are easy for couples to make together, although we did include one decadent challenge. Keep the romance going with these unique desserts:

1. Boozy Clementines with Pound Cake: What’s better than a little booze to keep the fun going? Don’t worry, with desserts you can choose to bake out the alcohol for a buzz-free night still packed with flavor. If you choose to keep the booze at an appropriately adult level, These sticky sweet clementine slices pair well with the light flavors of a lemon pound cake.

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2. Carrot Cake for Two: Carrot cake is the perfect light-weight dessert for couple’s trying to mind their New Year’s resolutions. The cake itself is fluffy, the cream cheese frosting delicate on the tongue, and you can justify this treat by telling you and your partner it’s made from a vegetable. If you and your S.O. are worried about the extra calories, check out our couple’s fitness tips.

3. Chocolate Mousse: What dessert is complete without a little (or a lot) of chocolate? There’s something incredibly irresistible about licking chocolate off of a spoon, so we’ve found the perfect dessert for just that. Surprisingly easy to make, this chocolate mousse recipe is rich in flavor without being too sticky or thick for your palette.

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4. Cherry Trifle: The Valentine’s day classic, cherries are an aphrodisiac, and for good reason. Deep scarlet cherries are even more luscious when paired with the bitterness of dark chocolate. This recipe calls for soaking the cherries in brandy for an explosive experience in your mouth. Served with whipped cream cheese and almonds over lady fingers, this recipe has every aspect of a dessert you could possibly want.

5. TiramisuThere’s nothing easy about this classic. Layered, boozy or not, this is a dessert that takes some time to make, but it’s oh so worth it. While you’re waiting for the lady fingers to finish baking, work up an appetite with your partner while you dance it out together. When you finally do slice into this Italian classic, you’ll be proud of what you and your partner made together, the perfect symbol of your relationship and the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day, a day meant for celebrating everything you and your love have accomplished together.

What special desserts make your Valentine’s Day memorable? Share your tips below!