Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Maternity Style: Get Inspired by These Celebrity Baby NurseriesCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Maternity Style: Get Inspired by These Celebrity Baby Nurseries

By Rachel Sparks

Famous parents have created the best nurseries for their celebrity babies that even we envy! Going all out for their children has offered a lot of inspiration for how to make your own nurseries glamorous and whimsical. Kim Kardashian, the queen of luxury, decorated North West’s nursery with a sheepskin rug and oversized stuffed animals in a glam-safari style. Ciara created the perfect angelic room for her son in soft, plush whites and firs. We’ve been inspired by these celebrity nurseries and have parenting advice for your babies!

Read Cupid’s parenting advice to get ideas for your baby’s nursery!

Cupid’s Advice:

While your baby may not remember their nursery, you certainly will. There’s something about investing right from the beginning of your child’s life that makes you feel like the parent who can conquer anything. Here are some of the latest nursery trends based on what we’ve seen celebrity parents doing:

1. Art gallery: Coco Rocha sets the standard for chic. For her daughter’s nursery, she has a wall dedicated to artwork. Pop art pillows and name brand rocking chairs, Coco Rocha has created the perfect high-fashion designer nursery for her daughter. While you may not hire interior designers for your own nursery, you can take inspiration to recreate your own art gallery for your child!

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2. Monochromatic palettes: Pastels have been all the rage the past couple of years, but we’re talking using bold colors to create your child’s perfect getaway. Use Penelope Disick’s nursery as inspiration! Kourtney Kardashian used coral pink everywhere: on the walls, in the fluffy-clouded-wallpaper on the ceiling, all the way to the accents in the room. Juxtapose with pops of turquoise for flashes of cheery delight.

3. Patriotism: Parenting is hard. You have to evaluate your beliefs and see if they are something you want to pass onto your children. Take Jaime Ford’s idea and put up flags from your country (or your family’s cultural heritage). Find cultural inspiration for your artwork and stray from the norm of animal-inspired artwork to give your baby something with deeper meaning.

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4. Pops of color: Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett has created a modern nursery with bold flashes of color. Keep the rest of the decor simplistic and use sunny yellows, fiery reds, or dark-sea blues to go for a dramatic style.

5. Whimsy: The most important details you can add to your nursery are the ones that add magic to your child’s life. Oversized stuffed animals, child-sized teepees, and plush carpeting create many sources of entertainment for your child!

What are you ideas for your dream nursery? Share your ideas below!