Cupid's Pulse Article: Marriage Advice: How to Keep the Spark Alive After Having KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Marriage Advice: How to Keep the Spark Alive After Having Kids

By Karley Kemble

There’s no denying that having a child changes the dynamic of your relationship. Even celebrities face this challenge after the birth of a celebrity baby. Bringing a new child into the world doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer! Sure, things might be different between you and your partner, but you just have to adjust to a new lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to bring the magic back into your relationship; sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

If you and your partner are having a difficult time with keeping the spark alive in your marriage, Cupid has some marriage advice that’ll help you and your partner get out of your funk!

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Flirt like nobody’s watching: Post baby, it may feel weird to openly flirt in front of your kid. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. If you no longer feel comfortable with PDA, then leave your partner hidden love notes, or send them a cute text while they’re out. Flirting should always be fun and harmless – so don’t feel like you can’t anymore now that you have a child.

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2. Schedule those date nights: We know. Seeing “schedule” and “date night” in the same sentence feels so…old school. The reality of parenthood is that it can be hectic, but you and your partner still need a break every once and a while! Look at your calendar, find an evening that works, and call your mother-in-law or a good friend to see if they’ll babysit. Date nights are essential to keeping you sane and giving you two an intimate time to touch base with each other.

3. Try going tech-free: If you and/or your partner find yourselves glued to your phones while the baby is sleeping, challenge each other to put the devices away. Instead of checking your social media accounts, use the rare moments of down-time at home to talk with each other or play a board game! You’ll find the little moments of quality time will help your relationship grow, especially without the distractions of the glowing screens.

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4. Get touchy: Physical contact is so important in any relationship! As humans, we are designed to desire contact with other people. Post-baby, it’s normal for PDA to decrease. (Perhaps you haven’t even realized that you and your partner don’t get intimate as much – that’s also common!) Make it a point to touch your partner whenever the opportunity arises. Hold hands whenever you can – just do whatever it takes to keep each other satisfied.

5. Use your manners: After having a baby, it’s easy for you or your partner to feel forgotten. A little kindness goes a long way. If your partner did something as small as starting the full dishwasher, or as big as surprising you with breakfast in bed, thank them! Never underestimate the power of “thank you” – your partner will feel so appreciated.

How have you kept the romance alive post-baby? Share below!