Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Source Says Prince Harry & Meghan Marckle Are Engaged & Will Have a Summer WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Source Says Prince Harry & Meghan Marckle Are Engaged & Will Have a Summer Wedding

By Rachel Sparks

This celebrity couple is planning a celebrity wedding! Though no official engagement announcement has been made, Prince Harry and Meghan Marckle have already established a wedding date. According to, Prince Harry has commissioned an engagement ring using diamonds from one of his mother’s brooches (Princess Diana). Marckle, who had started bringing things over to Prince Harry’s Nottingham Cottage and just recently finished filming Suits, is making plans to give up her career and move in with Prince Harry before the engagement.

This royal celebrity wedding has been highly anticipated. What are some ways to add personal touches to your wedding festivities?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your wedding is your special day to showcase how wonderful you and your partner are together. Every bit of planning and celebrating you do before the actual day sets the tone for what your wedding will be like. Finding ways to incorporate special traces of you both makes it more meaningful for everyone included. Check out our relationship advice to help you customize your special day:

1. Monogrammed stamps: Customize your stamps so that every bit of stationary sent out is full of your fantasy wedding. From invitations to bridal showers to bachelor(ette) parties, include your insignia like it’s your family sigil.

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2. Hashtag: Everyone has a smartphone, so use this to your advantage. Make a custom hashtag and include it in your invitations so that every picture taken, from the bridal shower to the late nights planning with your bridal party, keep track of all photos taken with a hashtag across all social media forms.

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3. Customized M&M’s: Who doesn’t love spooning handfuls of M&M’s into their mouth? Customize with your initials or even a cute headshot. Don’t just save them for the wedding; have enough to keep the fun going through all the stressful times of wedding planning.

Dreaming about your wedding or already been down the aisle? How did you incorporate your personality into your special day?