Cupid's Pulse Article: Latest Celebrity News: Jennifer Garner Says She Is ‘Not Interested in Dating’ After Split From Ben AffleckCupid's Pulse Article: Latest Celebrity News: Jennifer Garner Says She Is ‘Not Interested in Dating’ After Split From Ben Affleck

By Rachel Sparks

Former celebrity couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been apart for nearly two years, but these celebrity exes are setting a new standard for co-parenting and remaining amicable exes. Garner told that she and Affleck do have plans for a family Thanksgiving together. An insider told the magazine that Garner even helped Affleck get into a rehab center as his alcoholism took a spiral downward. The latest celebrity news is that despite, or maybe because of, the sincerity of their friendship, Garner has been on one date in the past two years since her celebrity divorce, but she’s still not ready to start dating again.

In this celebrity news, it looks like Jennifer Garner’s break-up from Ben Affleck is affecting her long-term. What are some ways to cope with a break-up so you can move on?

Cupid’s Advice:

Accepting the loss of someone meaningful in your life is painful at best and near-impossible at worse. When you’ve been with someone for as long as Garner and Affleck were together, what does life look like without that person? Moving on is hard, but at some point you want to accept the change so that your life can move forward. Here’s Cupid’s relationship advice to get you through a break-up:

1. Burn, bury, block: Sounds harsh? Unless you and your ex have kids together, moving on means letting go. Do whatever it takes for you to cut those ties with your ex. Burn the love letters, bury the stuffed zebra your ex won at the carnival, and block any way that they can get in contact with you. Doing so doesn’t mean you never loved them, it just means you love yourself enough to know you deserve happiness. Being stuck with the pain of a relationship at its end is not happiness.

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2. Give happiness, get happiness: Have you ever been in a Starbucks line and been at the receiving end of pay it forward? Yeah, it’s pretty great. It also feels good to know you’ve made someone’s day better. We know it’s hard when you’re feeling down to even consider bringing joy to other people, but the proof in the facts is this: helping others creates fulfillment and happiness. If you don’t feel like dealing with people, find a way to volunteer behind the scenes; you’ll still reap the emotional rewards.

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3. Focus on you: In a relationship, we often think about what the other person wants. Ever been asked where you wanted to eat and said, “What do you feel like?” Couples form a group identity, so being on your own is terrifying, but it can be exciting. Try something new, start a diet, exercise, start a new hobby, go to a concert of a band your ex hated…the list of things you can do alone is literally endless. Rock out the single status. Learning to enjoy time alone is attractive, but it also makes any future relationships that much more meaningful.

How have you gotten past a break-up? Share your relationship advice below!