Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Announces the Sex of Celebrity Baby No. 3Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Announces the Sex of Celebrity Baby No. 3

By Rachel Sparks

Kim Kardashian just revealed the sex of celebrity baby number three! According to, during an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian was telling a story where North West said, “Mom, baby sister isn’t here. I think I need all the toys in my room.” This celebrity couple is on their way to a full house!

It looks like Kim and Kanye will be welcoming another celebrity baby girl to their brood! What are some ways to prepare for a third child versus the first or the second?

Cupid’s Advice:

Each addition of a new child takes its own preparation. When you brought home baby number two, you worried how your first born would react to not getting as much attention. Now, you know more about handling an infant, so there’s less to buy and worry about. But having a third infant is different. Now you’ve got two older siblings to prepare, five schedules to try and balance, and the financial strain of another kid. How can you prepare for baby number three with less stress? Read our parenting advice below: 

1. Potty train: If you have older kids that aren’t potty trained yet, go ahead and make your life so much easier now and get those kids’ butts on the toilet. You don’t want to have an infant strapped to your chest while you’re chasing a screaming, naked two year old around the house.

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2. Prep the house: Besides setting up a nursery, there’s a lot that you can do before baby number three gets here. If you have carpets and children, you know what a disaster that can be. While redoing floors may not be at the top of your prepping list, removing carpets can help you avoid allergies and stains. Buy the carpet tile samples from a home improvement store for a cheap and easily replaced rug for your kids’ rooms.

3. Start a routine: Children thrive off of routines, but changing them can be hard. Start the newborn routine now so the kids won’t have such a hard time adjusting. The most critical thing is to ensure you spend alone time with each child so they know they won’t be forgotten.

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4. Encourage alliances: Building strong relationships with the kids and encouraging them to be the best of sibling friends will make entertaining the older kids much easier. It also teaches them how to look out for each other, making them feel special instead of left out when the newborn comes home.

How have you adjusted for each new baby you brought home? Share your own parenting advice below!