Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Chef Recipes For a Vegetarian ThanksgivingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Chef Recipes For a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

By Rachel Sparks

Whether it’s a dietary choice or a doctor’s demand, we’re bound to know someone who needs a meatless option for Thanksgiving. Even if you want to do your traditional meals, try one of these celebrity chef recipes to add a savory vegetable dish to your dinner spread. These recipes will give you a head start on shedding those winter pounds without sacrificing flavor. If you don’t try one of these recipes for Thanksgiving, they serve as a great winter date night idea.

These vegetarian celebrity chef recipes are about to start new Thanksgiving traditions!

Take a vegetarian to a restaurant and nine times out of ten the only option on the menu is a salad sans meat. A lack of options to satisfy your herbivore can certainly ruin a romantic evening together. Providing nutrients for a vegetarian without being monotonous or just dumping a bunch of vegetables on a plate can be challenging, but we’re here to help. A variety of produce and grains adds flavor. Relying on mushrooms, grains, and legumes add protein. Besides stews and salads, roasting, sautéing, braises, and cream-based entrees can help provide your family with a dish to make them smile. When you have your Thanksgiving meal, you want to be the best host and cater to everyone’s needs. Check out our favorite vegetarian recipes for this Thanksgiving!

1. Butternut squash vegducken: Have you heard of turducken? It’s all the rage for the adventurous Thanksgiving chefs. Here’s the veg-head friendly version. Layered with winter and summer squashes, it’s a balance between hardy winter flavors and the light  summer palettes. Stuffed with mushrooms and cranberries, it’s protein-packed while still familiar to the traditional Thanksgiving flavors. It’s the perfect replacement for your turkey.

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2. Winter squash soup & apple soup: Winter squashes like acorn and pumpkin are naturally sweet. Pair it with delicate fruits like apples or cranberries, toss with a cream or soft cheese and you have a light but flavorful fall-inspired soup. Top with walnuts or pecans. It’s a great starter for everyone around the table.

3. Autumn vegetable patties: With family visiting, Thanksgiving tends to be a dressed-up formal occasion for the family. Despite this, dinner rolls and breaking the wish-bone make some food finger food, and we can’t leave the herbivores out. Made with sweet potatoes and cannelloni beans, this is a nutrient heavy dish. Serve as an appetizer for everyone or the main course for your vegetarian friend.

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4. Roasted Squash with Shallots, Grapes, & Sage: Are you seeing a trend here? Winter squashes and fruit pairings are the ultimate autumn and winter flavor palettes. If you’ve never worked with sage, it’s a savory, light fall herb, a lot like thyme. Serve the squash halved and stuffed for a fork-able dish full of fall.

5. Harvest Tart with Pumpkin & Peppers: What Thanksgiving meal is complete without pumpkin? We’re taking things for a spin and going savory instead of sweat for this vegetarian entrée. Serve as large pie or in individual bowls. This is a fun dinner alternative to the Thanksgiving pie.

What family-famous recipes have you developed to survive a vegetarian meal? Share your recipes below!