Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Ed Westwick & GF Jessica Serfaty Were Looking at Engagement Rings Before Sexual Assault ScandalCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Ed Westwick & GF Jessica Serfaty Were Looking at Engagement Rings Before Sexual Assault Scandal

By Rachel Sparks

This happy celebrity couple is facing some serious relationship trouble. Ed Westwick and Jessica Serfaty confirmed their relationship back in May, and, according to, Westwick had been looking at engagement rings two weeks before a sexual assault accusation hit Westwick from Kristina Cohen via Facebook. Serfaty posted the next day in support of Westwick, saying, “I know you, I know the truth.” We’re still holding out hope for a future celebrity wedding!

This celebrity news is unfortunate, whether it’s true or not. What are some ways to help your partner through a situation where their character is affected?

Cupid’s Advice:

At some point, we all face accusations. Whether it’s typical bullying, workplace miscommunication, or frustrated exes, we will all encounter situations where we or the people we care about face similar challenges as Westwick. It’s normal to feel doubt, but ultimately faith in our partners will carry us through these tough times. Read below for more relationship advice to get you through expected tensions:

1. Be gentle with the wounds: Your partner is probably having a lot of doubts. Facing accusations makes someone feel insecure in their current situations. Don’t push these wounds. You’ve known your partner long before these accusations came up, so putting any faith in them will only further aggravate your partner’s wounds.

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2. Stand on strong ground: Every relationship encounters tensions from the past, even if its not accusations. You know your partner, so remind both yourself and your S.O. of what makes you guys strong and successful as partners. Don’t avoid the issue, but rather, focus on your strengths and the healing will follow.

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3. Defend through battles: When you need help, you trust that your partner has your back. Even though accusations can shake some trust you have in the relationship, standing by your partner and defending them against others will strengthen your relationship. Any doubts you have, you handle between the two of you, but be sure to keep it behind closed doors. Presenting a united front will help restore trust from others along with strengthening your partnership.

Have you or your S.O. ever been through some tough accusations? How did you guys make it through that time? Share your relationship advice below!