Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Drew D’Angelo of ‘Real Estate Wars’ Says, “Don’t Ever Settle for Second Best”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Drew D’Angelo of ‘Real Estate Wars’ Says, “Don’t Ever Settle for Second Best”

By Rachel Sparks

If you don’t already know his name, you will soon: Drew D’Angelo is a coastal real estate agent on The McMonigle Team and one of the stars of Bravo’s new reality TV show Real Estate Wars. At 21 years old, he joined his stepfather’s land development business as an assistant and worked his way up to the top. With 17 years of experience, he is certainly one of the best. In our exclusive celebrity interview, D’Angelo opens up about reality TV, his best relationship advice, and his future goals.

Drew D’Angelo Talks Real Estate & Reality TV in Celebrity Interview

Real Estate Wars includes the biggest real estate moguls in the O.C. Filled with A-listers, celebrity drama, and multi-million dollar houses, it’s our next binge-worthy show. Of the experience so far, D’Angelo says, “My life hasn’t changed all that much, with the exception of being recognized on the street and in stores when I am with my family.” While he’s now in the spotlight more than before, his career path is still very much the same. He co-owns several businesses with his family, including his stepfather (and role model), and continues to sell houses.

Bravo’s selling point for Real Estate Wars — besides the gorgeous coastal homes — is two rival teams. D’Angelo is part of John McMonigle’s team, who was the number one real estate agent in the United States before the market crashed. Of course, there’s a catch: McMonigle’s old partner, Jojo Romero, is on the opposing side. Despite the drama, D’Angelo reveals, “John is a constant gentleman to her. One can hope that, one day, they will be friends again. I do think Jojo will be nice to John when she lets go of her deep-rooted resentments.”

D’Angelo, though, thrives off of the competition. He never feels animosity towards any members of either team and considers some of them friends. In fact, he believes that the competition makes him better: “I look at my competition as an opportunity to collaborate and learn what makes them tick because it gives me the upper hand when I’m in negotiations with them.”

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Real Estate Wars focuses on extremely high-end homes, so it’s no surprise that the reality TV star often works with celebrities. “I try not to get starstruck by anyone, but I definitely am in awe of the wealth these people have and the lives they live. It’s really a different world for some of my clients,” he shares. “I always try to make sure they know I am as comfortable as they are when doing business with celebrities. They seem to open up more when you are just being yourself and aren’t nervous.”

Of course, there is that one celebrity that he’d love to meet — and celebrity home that he’d love to sell: Kobe Bryant. Close runner-ups include Richard Branson, Irvine Co. owner Don Bren, and Bill Gates.

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Reality TV Star Offers Relationship Advice

D’Angelo could never have so much success in his professional life without support from his family. When it comes to relationship advice, he believes the most important part of having a good home life is the partner you choose. “Don’t look for someone who fits into your life. Look for someone who adds to you and makes you better in all aspects of your life,” he explains in our celebrity interview. “A true partner is a complement to who you are already — someone who challenges you in a positive way to be more, someone who makes you want to be more in your life, someone who respects your boundaries and has a set of morals and goals that again complement who you are.”

Currently married to his second wife, he adds, “Don’t ever settle for second best. This person, whomever it is, will make you feel your best and be the ying to your yang.”

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The father of three children, D’Angelo would love for his kids to follow in his footsteps and join the family business. He says, “It’d be great for them to continue our work, but most importantly, I want them to do what makes their hearts happiest.”

So what’s next for the real estate agent? He hopes to make great strides in the next five years. “I would like to have several million dollars sitting in the bank, a few apartment buildings that we own and manage, and a minimum of five different development deals going on,” he reveals. “Personally, I want to be able to provide more for my children and have plenty of money for any situation.”

As for Real Estate Wars, D’Angelo is hopeful that fans will want a second season. “It was such an amazing experience to be a part of something that is so big,” he shares. “I have no regrets.”

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