Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine & Pregnant Wife Behati Prinsloo Are Expecting a Second Baby GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine & Pregnant Wife Behati Prinsloo Are Expecting a Second Baby Girl

By Rachel Sparks

Celebrity couple Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are expecting their second celebrity baby, and it’s going to be another girl! According to UsMagazine, Adam Levine shared the baby gender news on the Ellen DeGeneres Show November 7th. When asked if they would be having more children, the expecting couple claim they both want a lot more children. We can’t wait to see the family these two beauties build together!

This celebrity news has the girls outweighing the boys in Adam Levine’s household! What are some ways to help your husband deal with an all-girl family?

Cupid’s Advice:

Family dynamics are an important aspect as couples decide to have another child. Oftentimes, though, parents only think about how the older child(ren) will adapt to being an older child. But how do parents change as their family grows, especially when one gender as outnumbered? Read Cupid’s parenting advice below:

1. Model through Mom: Children watch how their parents interact, and this sets the basis for a lot of their future relationships. When you’re raising all daughters, the girls watch how mom and dad read each other. If you want to raise confident young women with high standards, show them what those standards should be by treating your spouse right.

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2. Don’t shy away as she grows: The whole family gets pretty terrified as the little ladies in the family start to grow up. Teenage years are terrible for everyone in the family, but don’t shy away. The pre-teen years are especially important for developing the adult minds, so be careful of too much distance, even if that seems like what they want. Be there, be supportive, be present.

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3. Date her: Put aside the Oedipal complex and realize that your role as the most important man in your daughter’s life really does effect the future of her relationships with men. That’s a lot of pressure. Take your daughter out for dates for genuine connection, but you’ll also teach her how she should be treated. Make sure to spend authentic time with each of the kids alone to nourish both the present and the future for your children.

What advice do you have for men like Adam Levine who are surrounded by all women in their house? Share below!