Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Cheating on Maria Shriver Was a ‘Major Screw-Up’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Cheating on Maria Shriver Was a ‘Major Screw-Up’

By Karley Kemble

Six years after announcing a shocking celebrity divorce, Arnold Schwarzenegger is speaking candidly about his past decisions. According to, in a preview for an upcoming television special, Schwarzenegger admits, “I know it was a major, major screw-up” when asked about his infidelity. The actor and former governor of California caused quite a stir in 2011, when he made celebrity news after cheating on his wife, Maria Shriver with their long-time housekeeper, Mildred Baena. Shortly after the revelation, news also broke that Schwarzenegger had, in fact, fathered a child with Baena. Though Schwarzenegger and Shriver have officially filed for divorce, Schwarzenegger also has revealed that the celebrity exes have not yet finalized it.

This celebrity news proves that celebrities feel regret just like us. What are some ways to come back from a fatal mistake in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

As humans, we are subject to error and mistakes. While it may seem like you will never be able to bounce back after something terrible happens in a relationship, it’s entirely possible. Cupid has some ways to cope and move on:

1. Don’t let it define you: It’s normal to take blame and harness a mistake as a part of who you are. You are not your mistakes or the product of mistakes that have affected you. It is important realize this and even more important to learn and grow from the past. Don’t let it hold you back.

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2. Practice positive mental talk: A positive mind is empowering. (Say that out loud five times!) If you’re stuck in a rut after making a mistake, think of a way to spin negative thoughts into positive ones. Instead of thinking “I am so stupid” reframe your thoughts “I am smart, that decision was not.” This way of thinking will really help change the way you see things.

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3. Forgive and learn from it: Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it is possible. It certainly does not happen overnight. In time you will find it to be freeing. Whether you need to forgive yourself or somebody else, reflect on the steps you need to take to reach that point, and do what you can to get there. Forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it can help you learn from it.

How have you bounced back after a fatal relationship mistake? Share your experience below.